UPS hub phone number in Ontario CA?

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    I'm sorry if I am re-posting this but I tried looking for this topic and I could not find it. We live in Kansas City, my wife, baby and I are seriously considering moving to Riverside CA, That's where we are originally from, we hate it here! I don't want my kid to grow here. The closest hub I know about is the one located on : 3140 Jurupa St, Ontario CA 91761.

    I am a part-timer (I also drive on Saturdays) I am trying to transfer to that Hub(by signing up for classes at a community college). I want to call them first to have an Idea how long it would take for me to become a driver there. I have 5 years of seniority, I would not mind being a part-timer for another couple years before i can go full time.

    Does anyone here have the HR number to call that hub? Should I call the Union instead? Do you know about a hub that has a low average years to become a driver? (at my hub I could be full time if I wanted to but I have not done that because I am aware I want to leave this town and I know full time employees cannot transfer)

    thank you guys and I hope you had an amazing day! :D
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    - Educational transfers are at the company's discretion. Do you think you're the first person who's had the idea 'hey, I'll just sign-up for some community college classes near where I'd like to transfer to, then drop them once the transfer's completed, or at the end of the semester?' :) How often do you believe such requests are approved?

    - In the unlikely event such request was approved, per the contract, your seniority for FT bidding purposes is end-tailed. This means you'll be at the bottom, below persons with July 2013 seniority dates.
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    Why don't you talk to your HR person in your building if your planning on do a educational transfer. Remember that the other building has to accept you. You would also lose your building seniority but keep your company seniority. Meaning you would be starting over at the other building as far a bidding for jobs you would be the new guy again and it could be another 5 or more years to get a FT position. The HR person isn't going to be able to give you a time frame because any pt at that building or in the bidding area can choose to sign a bid or not sign a bid. You could ask how many PTimers there are.
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    I asked my friend who transferred to Illinois from my hub, he said in fact you do lose your building seniority, meaning you cant use seniority to choose the job assigned to you, if you want to go home early, choose your vacation days etc, but you keep your company seniority which based on what he said, it still allows you to bid for Driver positions, it that true?
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    thanks for nothing man, im just trying to figure things out, there is no need to be rude
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    actually I want to continue my education, I have really good grades and I want to go to UCLA, however, being a driver is my "Plan B" in case school does not work. wow :/ I was aware my building seniority would be gone nut I also thought company seniority would allow me to bid for jobs
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    Yes, you will lose your seniority for FT bidding purposes. It's a safeguard in place largely to prevent what you're trying to do & protect those who began their careers in SoCal.

    If you get accepted into UCLA, undoubtedly you'd receive an education transfer. Of course, UCLA competes with U-Mich for the title of the most selective school for out-of-state residents - good luck. If you're simply registering for classes at a community college near Ontario, expect a challenge from UPS. At least a couple dozen of my co-workers have tried this, and it's been granted to only one. Ironically, most of the educational transfers in my facility have been inbound transfers who worked at UPS while "going off" to college, but flunked out and returned home to live with their parents & attend community college. I guess if UPS suspects you're gaming the system, you're going to lose.
  9. I worked at the Ontario hub for 11 years before I went driving and i didn't even get Ontario I got yucca valley which is an hour away. I f you do transfer it is true you go to the bottom so it would be 12 plus years to go driving in Ontario.
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    I guess the question you have to ask yourself and your wife, is what you'd hate more? Starting at the bottom with UPS, but living in your hometown? Or possibly waiting another 5 years or so before you go full-time, but doing so in a city you hate?

    Which one decision can you live with? Which one causes the least amount of stress? And probably the most important question to ask yourselves, which path is the most beneficial to you and your family?

    Good luck.
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    Since someone already stole my Jenny number post, I'll go with the lesser known but equally as amusing as it is outdated:

    Beechwood 45789
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    Educational transfers are intended to prevent penalization should you decide to continue your education. It's expected that once you complete your education, you'll move on (management or elsewhere). Therefore, you lose seniority, which also protects incumbent employees should your education plans fail or should you have transferred to circumvent the (no transfer) policy.

    When you complete the transfer form, at least six people sign off on it -- your sort (and/or center/hub) manager, your district HR manager and your division manager ... as well as the sort/center/hub, HR and division manager of the area you're transferring to. Asking about how long it would take to go FT (should you transfer) would clearly signal that the transfer is faux, so I do not recommend calling the hub. It's not likely you'd get an accurate answer, anyway, and the answer presented to you within this thread is fairly consistent with other reports on Southern California (at least 10 years to go FT).

    Like I said, so many people attempt educational transfers to "fraud" the system (which also appears to be your intent ;) ), that I'd expect a challenge from UPS. Expect them to grill you as to why you're seeking to continue your education in SoCal as opposed to KC (know the advantages!!). Or maybe somebody's in your corner. But if a transfer is granted, recognize that you'll be starting over for not only FT bidding purposes, but also Saturday air driving, any other air driving (unless you transfer into such position), any seasonal work, and temporary cover driving/etc.
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    Why would you want to move to California? Stay in Kansas. Or move to Washington. California is so over rated. I can't wait to leave this awful state.
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    This is getting really old. Dave.
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    Here is a clue. The HR guy District Staff level can be found on BlVD named Inland Empire.
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    puff :( F me!.. thank you for the info, it is very frustrating, that's what I needed to hear it from, someone that has actually gone through it