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    Having monitored the message board for some time I am now confident that this is not some UPS state method of tracking down disgruntled drivers.I have decided to post.It is with intrest I read of the goings on in the US, its almost a case of forewarned forearmed. Whilst PAS is on the horizon, we have over the last year seen a sudden rise in the activity of the IE dept. Whee it became appartent that the centre had not enough drivers (to the driver doing 100 plus stops in 10 hours) the solution decrease AM time to 7 minutes (we did a study of the centre and that was the average time , being the response to 3 mins for PCM 3 mins for Pretrip 1 min is not enough to include walking to retreive diad). Increased productivity after various centre rejects (non ever having been drivers) had completed a time study of the areas.So fellow UPSers is the writing on the wall are we in the UK also to be run by a department that is only more welcome than the grim reaper when it visits the centre.Should I quit now or continue in the hope things will improve.
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    You can only do so much, and even they are aware of that. They will make life miserable for awhile, but they might actually listen to some of your imput if it has merit. Eventually, they will be gone and you will adjust to the changes. Hey, do you guys stop for tea everyday?
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    You ask to quit or not to quit that is the question. My question is do you have a union there, if so what do they do for you? Also, how long have you been working for UPS? Do you like it? Before I can tell you to quit or stick it out you have to know what you want from UPS, it's a company thats 98% physical work as you know. The 2% are all the other folks you see dress nicely with thier thumb up their "bum". Hope you find your answer.:)
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    Thanks for the advise, do we stop for tea every day, we are ruled by tachograph regulations,(is there such a thing in the US) which dictates after 4.5 hours of continous driving we must take 45 mins. To accomadate the company those that care tend to split this break into 3 15s. two of these tend to be sorting misroutes, our concern is that we are told pas will eliminate misroutes.
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    moreluck golden ticket member must be lost. Amazon sends me stuff all the time. It is usually ads for similiar things I have ordered in the past. If you have ordered anti-Israeli writings in the past, they will send you stuff from that genre.

    I receive lots of ads for mystery books because I have ordered mysteries in the past. I don't consider it "spam".

    This thread is titled "UPS in the U.K." Maybe you should start your own new thread.
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    our union is very active but most mistrust, their main aim seems to be to gain recognition with other carriers DHL TNT FEdEX etc. We here that the teamsters are being challenged as the union of choice in the US. How true are those rumours. is it true the pilots have already signed a deal? after ten years with the company I have never been closer to considering a change of career, service now is secondary to profit.
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    "our union is very active but most mistrust"

    Ours too.

    "the teamsters are being challenged as the union of choice in the US"

    This is true.

    "the pilots have already signed a deal"

    Also true.

    "service now is secondary to profit"

    Yes. Started when we went public.
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    Questions to UKbrown...
    do you refer to them as Lorrie cars?
    Have you ever delivered to the Rovers return pub?
    Does it say Tea instead of break in the diad?
    Why does English bacon have bones?
    Just trivial stuff...but nice to have ya here
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    Do you really need a Queen? What does she actually do?
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    One of my stops, there is a hottie who is a Brit. She wouldn't give me the time of day. Well her last trip to the mother land, she really noticed UPS in England. Now, she gives me the time of day. God bless the Queen!
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    We'll let you guys keep Madonna, why don't you give us Elizabeth Hurley?
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    Re: Amazon touts anti-Israeli books,

    Sheila is a bot that spams, also is on the wrong board but if you are real did Amazon uses UPS to deliver these books you speak of in your insipid rant Sheila? That is the question!
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    There have been many times things at UPS got bad, and the thoughts of quitting were very real. But I didn't. Things always will get better. Sometimes they get worse for a while first, but they will get better.

    And what would they do with so many drivers if they did find out who they are?

    Actually, Cheryl is pretty good at keeping unauthorized people out of where they shouldn't be. Besides, most drivers here in the US are pretty plain with management if they are disgruntled.

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    What made you ask something like that?
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    In answer to your questions.
    We refer to them as P80s or whichever size the vehicle
    Never delivered to the Rovers Return, but there is an almost childlike excitement when you deliver to a famous person (or even semi famous).
    Next time I am lucky enough to use the screen I will check if it says break or tea.
    English bacon with bones , never , we must keep the finest bacon and export the rest.
    As there been a thread started on most famous person delivered to?:thumbup1:
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    Until recently I woukd have said no we don't need a queen then I found out that she at sometime must have passed some law that only dodgy bacon can be exported, with the good stuff staying in the UK. God bless her. :lol:
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    When ever I deliver to Hotels with US visiters they treat me like some type of superstar. Wanting me to pose for pictures with the wife and kids or me next to my P81. Its a very surreal.
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    Jet-As I said to Jido (from Germany) welcome to the board and adding some international flavor to it. That Canadian guy doesn't add squat to the site.

    Just kidding DS :lol::lol::lol::lol:
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    "That Canadian guy doesn't add squat to the site."

    Ha! Not nice! (Funny, tho)
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    Quit UPS, and join TNT, a much slicker company.