Ups in movies and tv shows...How?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownboss, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. brownboss

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    has anyone noticed ups bein spotted in most movies and tv shows?...i was curious as to how that comes about...if the company gets paid for that...or we pay it free advertising?...if there is such a thing.....ive seen alot of ups everywhere in movies sometimes its something major as a driver clearly on camera making a delivery and then ive seen a scene as small as the one is "Mr and Ms Smith"...where if u blinked u missed it.. but a packagecar just happen to drive by in a neighborhood over the shoulder of bradpitt...and theres been many many more....i just wantd 2know if anyone knew how this all works out and also what movies or shows have you seen our lovely brown company in?
  2. jules23

    jules23 Logic? Who needs logic?

    we have a dept. that handles this, but i can't remember which one. i don't know about drive by's...could depend on the situation, but if UPS is featured - like in the movies legally blonde and edtv - UPS has to be contacted and we work with the movie people to make sure UPS is properly represented (as in the actor follows the methods, holds the DIAD right, etc.). Strange, but true.
  3. GuyinBrown

    GuyinBrown Blah

    In this day and age of "product placement" in movies and television, don't think for a second that any shot of a UPS vehicle is an accident ( even if it's just a quick glimpse over Brad Pitt's shoulder ).
  4. Megansman

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    I was on one of those reality shows, some guy building race cars and was filmed delivering some stuff for them... didn't even know it until I got a call from another driver telling me I was on TV. This was a couple of years ago, can't recall the name of the show.

    I heard someplace or read someplace that UPS doesn't pay for product placement (again this was several years ago) and regretted not doing so for the movie The Santa Clause with Tim Allen. FedEx delivered the list of naughty and nice children... and we should have -- that's good public relations.
  5. GuyinBrown

    GuyinBrown Blah

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I read something within the last year claiming that product placement was more important than ever for TV shows because Tivo technology was becoming to widespread. With the ability to skip commercials, advertisers are balking at paying the high prices for a 30 second spot. Movie sets are generally pretty tightly controlled. Maybe they didn't pay for it, but I'd be fairly certain that if you see a UPS vehicle in a shot, it wasn't by accident.
  6. hoser

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    in hackers, the protagonist got a package from gibson, delivered by ups. the uniform, diad, everything, was right.

    that's your moment of zen for the day
  7. trucker1946

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    I was actually interviewed for the movie DEEP BROWN,but the part was too big:thumbup1:
  8. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I watched Steven Kings "The Stand" yesterday, and I swear I saw a package car in the line of vehicles headed for Boulder.

    Can anyone confirm?
  9. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    looked like ann coulter was driving it.
  10. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    No, Ann Coulter would have been headed to Las Vegas. Her and Flagg are meant for each other.
  11. RockyRogue

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    Wouldn't surprise me, Over9, but I've never seen the movie. DENCO is a big UPS operation. If any of you watch NYPD Blue, I could swear there is a UPS package car in the intro credits. I know I saw one in an ad or intro credits for a show called Rescue Me (I think its on TNT). First time I saw it, I said, "Would ya look at that? Interesting placement :w00t:." I think I've seen UPS feeders in a few shows, too. -Rocky
  12. lovetokayak

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    I have seen a commercial with a guy walking down the street talking about some new method to help quit smoking. Right behind him on the street corner is a UPS truck parked with flashers on. You cannot see the logo, but it is unmistakeably a UPS truck. I wonder if it was there on purspose, or just accidentially made an appearance.
  13. flitzer

    flitzer New Member

    Anyone catch Letterman this past Friday? They had Biff do a segment out on the street, and there just happened to be a package car parked right behind them. Wonder if it was one of those right place at the right time things, or if UPS made a deal with CBS...
  14. AznDiablo

    AznDiablo Senior Member

    I think pursuit of happyness had a package car in it also
  15. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I saw that also. I agree it looked like it was set up although when I visited Manhatten a few years ago those brown trucks were parked everywhere. It seemed like one block would have 2 or 3 UPS trucks parked on it and the next would have nothing but FEDex trucks. Like they were leapfrogging down the street.
  16. Harry Manback

    Harry Manback Robot Extraordinaire

    Maybe this is why sales leads never get followed up on. BD is too busy trying to get a package car on t.v. Remember kids, if you want to be a winner, like Salesguy, turn in those leads!! :thumbdown
  17. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    I was watching Cash Cab, the other day, its based in NYC...
    its funny almost every shot has a UPS truck in it..
    UPS doesn't pay for that coverage, but man there are lots of Trucks
    in NYC
  18. Megansman

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    In the first two seasons of House on Fox there's a package car seen on overhead shots of the hospital... drives my wife crazy when I point it out every time...
  19. brownboss

    brownboss Brownblood

    o all my friends think im insane...i point out brown anywhere i se on tv...i notice how weirdly excited i get...jeez have i been workin there 2long?...anyhow i havent seen spiderman 3 yet but i had friends tell me ups was in it also...idk if anyone watches lawnorder like i do...i usually see atleast 1 package car each episode..when there out on the streets...granted it is in NYC also.... in "the day after tommorrow"...the scene where they show the entire city frosted over w snow?....yea theres a ups truck in clear site thats covered w snow..and even tho the ENTIRE truck was covered w snow...there was that lil spot where u could make out the logo on the side ofthe just happen 2b less snow where the logo was....go figure....anybody that works 4 ups doesnt have 2c the color of our truck orthe logo 2know its 1 of ours...the mere shape of the truck gave it away...
  20. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    oh this one time in sopranos S2E14 at the 41:23.09 mark while tony was driving down the turnpike i saw a brown blur that looked like a ups package car and i got really excited so i paused it and stared at it for about 30 minutes thinking about how famous of a company that i work for then i touched myself and then i watched the scene again but did slow mo so i could see the brown blur and stared at it some more and it was like amazing that i was staring at this brown blur which is similar to the company that i work for because it's called ups and it color is brown and i thought maybe ups paid hbo to have that blur put into there and then i stared at it even longer thinking how great ups is and thinking up conspiracies about how it got there and maybe they hired an extra to drive that package car but he had to probably be a teamster because the teamsters would be SOOOO upset if it were a scab doing unionized work and i really thought it was amazing that in sopranos you see a ups package car in the background while tony was driving all :censored2: off on the turnpike and the brown blur was right there and omg it was the greatest moment of my life.

    i forgot the other episode, but tony's sister had to take anger management classes, and one of the other persons in it was a upser in full out uniform. tony's sister then got in a pissing match with someone else and the upser laughed saying "oh man, this is fu-king great"