Seasonal Driver Training: What to Expect and what is Expected.

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    I recently completed the UPS seasonal driver training and thought I would share some of my overall impressions.

    First of all, I admire how UPS gives anyone a chance. I don't know how many times I've spent hours applying for a job online only to never hear anything back. But with UPS, I applied online and the whole process was relatively quick. An "interview" was immediately and automatically scheduled at the nearest UPS hub. The "interview" turned out to be more of an informational session where a representative from HR came out and tried to scare the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: out of everybody. I get that; weed out the lazy people right away. The HR guy was up-front about the job and explained that this was hard work and that if we were having doubts then perhaps we should consider doing something else.

    Those not scared off by the presentation were offered a slightly more formal "interview," but even this was a cakewalk. Here's what they are trying to determine during the one-on-one interview: Did you graduate from the 6th grade? Do you think you can drive a truck? Are you sure? (For the record, the only truck I had ever driven was a UHaul, but confidence goes a long way).

    Next, the DOT physical, which basically tested the following: Is your heart about to stop? If not, you're good.
    (and for those of you drug screening)

    The final hurtle to get past before the actual training begins is a preliminary road test. To succeed, you just need to drive safely and with confidence. Don't wreck the truck or get pulled over and you'll probably be just fine.

    Now the fun really starts, the formal training...

    This part was actually pretty rigorous. They will ask a lot from you both physically, psychologically and cognitively. You will get frustrated. You will feel overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted, and maybe even discouraged. But that's the whole point. They're still trying to screen out the people who lack the motivation to perform the way they expect their drivers to perform. I get that too. We all know UPS pays good, so it stands to reason that they need to make sure they're getting a return on their investment.

    Make sure you understand the basic concepts, especially the safety. And do your memorization of the 5 Seeing Habits and 10 Point Driving Commentary. That part is no joke. When they say you must have it memorized verbatim they mean it.

    But here's what it all boils down to: Prove you want this job. Ever seen the movie Rudy? Be that guy. You may not be the smartest guy (or gal) in the room. You may not be the youngest or the most fit, but if you can show them that you genuinely want the job and are willing to work for it you will pass. That's what I took away from the training.

    So again, I give all props to UPS for offering anyone a chance who wants it. How many companies will actually do that these days? It all comes down to the individual and whether or not he or she can prove themselves worthy. If you can, then UPS will take you up on the offer and give you a job.

    My next goal: Be a rockstar at driving the brown truck and maybe, just maybe I could have a chance at a full time gig. (Working hard with my fingers crossed...)
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Great attitude, Put head down and do the job, 19 years ago I was in your shoes. I did what I had to do.
  3. Anonymous 10

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    Keep drinking the Kool Aid till you get hired full time. Then wake up
  4. Shifting Contents

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    Poor seasonal Guy. With this obamaconomy you are more than welcome to come back to UPS in Jan. . .. on preload. But thanks for your insight.
  5. wgf46

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    Even getting hired on preload, after a year you get benefits, believe me, THEY ARE WORTH IT ! Even if you are just part-time.
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    Have you delivered a package yet ??
  7. Anonymous 10

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    Feel like you got delivered a big package from behind after peak is over and reality sets in. They used him And threw him away.
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    Verbatim. Ha. Had my OCS damn near blow a gasket one day. Had been a long day, was tired, and he starts pestering me on the drive back to the center. Asking about habits and commentary. Wasn't doing to hot. He tells me get this job I need to know them "verbatim". Said something along the line of "Man, relax, I will memorize them tonight". Boom! He gets all worked up. "It's not about memorizing them! It's about knowing them, and using them!" Just shook my head. Someone needs to look up the word verbatim.


    Its one thing to actually talk about how overwhelmed you will feel being sent out blind to places you have NO IDEA where they are. Then its totally another thing to actually experience that feeling. Just remember to always be safe no matter what. No matter how behind you feel, or how overwhelmed you get. You are never going to catch up by speeding, cutting corners, or just doing things that are totally unsafe.
  10. Baba gounj

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    darn I wish I had some training.
    First day I was told to get into the truck and drive (1986) , go meet other drivers and give them their late airs at 3pm....during a snow storm.
    On the way back , ran out of fuel .
    Heck even the mechanic couldn't fix that wreck.
    What they had given me was a stand by peak PC .
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    some of you people are unbelievable! you can't remember or never have been hungry?

    this is how I started 25 years ago. peak driver. regular job was 9 bucks an hr. struggling working 70-80 hrs a week just to squeek by before UPS.

    then got hired full time after 2 drivers were fired for padding their timecards because they thought they deserved more, i guess.

    if some of you are so unhappy with UPS and want to discourage hungry people just do us all a favor and :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ing QUIT!
  12. Well said. Funny how some people come here willing to do anything and once they are granted security with good wages and benefits they make a 180 degree turn..looking for ways to "stick it" to the company. Of course it's hard work and long hours. I am grateful for the living and benefits UPS gives me. There is only so much in that brown safe, it's not unlimited. We need to think about the hand that feeds us. They call this W-O-R-K for a reason, otherwise it would be called F-U-N!
  13. Unkle weed

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    I am currently in driver class. Any pointers for memorizing the 5 seeing habits or the 10 point commentary? Also, what other questions were on the final exam?
  14. barnyard

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    Read them until you have memorized them. If that does not work, write them down until you have memorized them.

    and thank you for not starting a new thread to ask.
  15. OptimusPrime

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    I tire of the "back in my day" posts. What was a heavy day? 100 stops? If that. The internet age has us stepping and fetching.
  16. c23jmp

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    If you have a phone with a recorder on it,record the 5 seeing habits and 10 point commentary and listen to it as much as you can..
  17. barnyard

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    I did that with a micro recorder.
  18. Buck Fifty

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    Talk about blowing a Gasket ! This isn't near the discouragement he's gonna hear or get the next few years. If he stays on. Just see it as everyone breaking him in. Seriously, they have a pill for this. It's called a chill pill . Send me your address, I'll send you some.
  19. Unkle weed

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    Thank you for the responses. I was writing them down, but today I recorded them on my phone and will listen to them on the ride to class.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    I hope they atleast used some chute wax, but I doubt it