UPS inside sales representative (6 week training academy)

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    I just joined the forum today and look forward to reading/starting several posts on this board. I have searched through countless threads and didn't really see anything on the inside sales representative position at UPS. I have a phone interview coming up this week for a position half way across the country from where I live. I just wanted to know what life was like as an inside sales rep and if they money was pretty legit to consider re-locating half way across the United States. Has anyone been to the six week academy? What is it like? Any information would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to reading your responses.

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  3. I used to be a Sales Representative at the Phoenix location. To answer you question, my experience as a UPS sales rep was very rewarding, there are great opportunities for advancement. Retired after 32 years. Word of advice, expect to be very busy with minimal quality family time. Be prepared to travel as we are always growing and striving for higher goals.
    Good luck.

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    UPS has sales representatives?

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    By any chance is Jathur02 posting from the same IP as the resident troll?
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    ​My first thought too ... it appears the answer is No.
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    This is the first time I've been on the site. I appreciate the insight to the job, but has anyone been to the training academy? I was just trying to get a more in depth look into what I was getting into. Thanks again.

  9. My experience. Was great. They. Will teach you all about UPS, I mean all. But its pretty easy,just make sure to study ur ass off and take good notes.
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    UPS sales reps only exist in the land of leprechauns and unicorns. And you have about the same odds of actually seeing one in the real world.
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    I think you may be confusing the BD people with inside (telephone) sales, who are the folks who follow up on the sales leads that we submit before assigning them to BD.
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