UPS is having a party right now

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by FIST, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. FIST

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    I talked to a few supervisors and they are laughing about the contract passing. They love how the Union sold us out. It makes me mad how they joke about the whole thing.:angry:
  2. Brav989

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    I asked this before but never got a response...what happens if one or more regions does not pass this contract? Does it still apply or how does it work?
  3. FIST

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    The master cannot pass until the sups pass
  4. Brav989

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    So then if one region decides to hold out then the entire contract cannot pass? Good news no?
  5. FIST

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    yes, fight the power:biting:
  6. BrownShark

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    Each piece of the agreement is separate from the other. If the national passes, and ANY RIDER or SUPPLEMENTAL fails, the whole thing gets put on hold until each RIDER or SUPPLEMENT is renegotiated.

    If a rider fails, it will have no bearing on the master, however, the master cannot go into effect until all parts of the agreement are settled.

  7. FIST

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    Thanks brownshark, may I say MR. Brown Shark, I heard MR. A showed up at the last membership meeting. Down with H!
  8. Griff

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    Judging by the 804 turnout, they have the solidarity to possibly keep this contract on hold all by themselves.
  9. 705red

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    Hopefully they can hold out to the next ibt election! That way we will keep our current contract with no raises! I understand why 804 voted it down, they have to borrow 18 million from ups and repay with 10 cents a year going back to ups to float their ups sep fund.
  10. FIST

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    we admire you guys out their, you have a real union.
  11. tieguy

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    they can only hold out on the supplements . The national is a done deal.
  12. tieguy

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    actually the real union is the ones that voted.
  13. 25yrvet

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    That's 'funny' about your ctr mgt laughing at labor. In my ctr we laugh at mgt for the way they are treated by their superiors. The 2 f/t mgt that I talk to (ctr mgr & on car) wish they were still driving. A quote from the on car, "I'd work 13 hrs a day and commute an hour each way" insteada bein' in mgt.
  14. browned out

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    The national is a done deal. It can not be put into effect until all supplements are passed. If 804 and the other locals don't settle soon; I am sure they will get another threatening letter to vote yes before Jan 01 2008.

    That is unless the Teamsters ammend their constitution or find another loophole to get the whole contract enacted by Jan 1st. They probably will.
  15. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    I don't know. I seem to remember a few locals holding out every time we have one of these contracts. I understand 804's concerns with the pension. Not sure why Central pa went astray of the overall plan. Whenever the supps got settled the national goes in as written without changes.
  16. FIST

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    Try about 30
  17. local804

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    That is just one of the reasons Red but you are correct. On a local level, there are alot of takeback from what we have had over the past years. People just need to understand that this isnt a F U just to knock down a contract. Its a F U for all the take backs we have to give that some people never have.
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    call hoffa claus, he gave ups the best xmas present ever
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    remeber in 97 yea