UPS Issues Statement Regarding Settlement of New York Complaint

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    UPS was involved in a four-year investigation by the New York Attorney General's Office concerning UPS's fleet of vehicles in upstate New York. UPS cooperated fully with this investigation, expending considerable time and resources to establish the facts, and now has settled the matter.

    UPS neither admits nor denies the allegations that formed the basis of the investigation. UPS made a business decision to sign this settlement to avoid expending additional funds and resources.

    UPS firmly believes the Assurance of Discontinuance reached with the attorney general in this case does not reflect on the safety of its automotive fleet in upstate New York or anywhere else in the country. There has never been an accident or injury relating in any way to the allegations made by the New York attorney general.

    UPS maintains one of the safest fleets in the industry. This has been confirmed by the federal government as well as an independent expert who, as part of the investigation, both physically inspected UPS's fleet in New York and reviewed the same records the AG's Office reviewed. The independent expert concluded that UPS's fleet was safe in all respects, a conclusion that was never challenged. Also, during the state investigation, the U.S. Department of Transportation conducted its own inspections of UPS's fleet and facilities in the Empire State District. The U.S. DOT's Safety Inspector "paid special attention to frames," but concluded that "[n]o frame violations were found."

    To even suggest that UPS would knowingly endanger the lives of its employees or driving public is untrue and was not substantiated by any evidence in this case. UPS has agreed to comply with additional inspection requirements in New York because of its commitment to safety.

    Editor's Note: This statement may be attributed directly to UPS or to spokesman Norman Black.
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    Does anyone know the allegations in the New York Complaint?


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    Yes, thanks for asking.
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    Yes, I do. It is my center. It started with the former center manager(current on-car) ripping red tags off the vehicles when it was convenient for him to do so, i.e. out of trucks in summer, peak, whenever. The Mechanic got mad and called the union. (It was a while ago, so some details are foggy) His boss shows up one night when The Mechanic was alone. Boss claims The Mechanic "lunged" at him. He was fired for workplace violence.( Hence why it is touchy subject with me),(and, if you knew The Mechanic, it was in his nature to lean in when he spoke to you-the lunge). He got job back. The police pulled over one of the trucks with a broken frame. Attorney General finally steps in and takes possession of all trucks in question. Some trucks were at Syracuse for some reason. The Mechanic went down on a sunday, jumped the fence and ripped of his inspection tags. Fired, again, for that and reporting the trucks, not sure to whom. He settled one lawsuit for $250,000, whistleblowing they called it. He received an undisclosed sum for suing UPS and The Boss(whose name I know) for wrongful termination. He is very wealthy and very happy. Can't say the same for The Boss.

    On a different note, this might shine some light on why I have the attitude I do toward my management. This is just one example of the crap they have tried to pull.
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