UPS loses lawsuit

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    Odessa Woman Wins $600,000 Verdict in Sex Discrimination Case Against UPS - Yahoo! Finance

    "In the 2009 accident, Ms. Ibarra was driving a UPS truck when it hopped a curb and hit a telephone pole, causing no injuries. Trial witnesses testified that several male UPS drivers from the same facility in Odessa were allowed to keep their jobs despite being in far worse accidents, including two accidents involving fatalities and others involving serious injuries.Trial testimony also showed that UPS managers gave Ms. Ibarra more packages to deliver than her male counterparts, including one incident when a manager set aside six 100-pound packages for Ms. Ibarra to deliver between 9:30 and 10 p.m. even though she was pregnant at the time."

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    they will do anything to break someone down they deem "inferior". i'm glad she won the lawsuit.
  3. TxRoadDawg

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    she only won the first round, those things take years to finally see all the dust settle
  4. Returntosender

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    UPS will appeal, if they lose appeal. They company will pay. 600,000 is like pennies to company that makes billions in profits.
  5. airintrace

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    Not really. They will feel it and they hate that they lost. This is the same company that will fight you over a few clicks paid over everyday until you tap out. Funny thing is they watch every nickel but watch dollars fly out the window daily.
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    I find that hard to believe, I have yet to see a woman worked as hard as a man at UPS
  7. Indecisi0n

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    We have one women at my center, she is more manly than me.
  8. Alleycar

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    For whatever reason, the women at my center are treated like gold. pathetic

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    There's probably a good reason for that and I'm not slamming you. IMO the female drivers in my center are some of the tougher ones.
  10. Alleycar

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    I have no doubt there are some burly ones out there lol
  11. bmwmc

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    The real money is in reverse discrimination. How many women are disciplined vs male workers for similar infractions.

    Not taking away from the merits of this particular case but it usually the opposite.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    Mentally tough, not whiners.
  13. bottomups

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    After watching my spouse push both of our children out the birth canal I have NO DOUBT about a womans mental and physical toughness.
  14. Thebrownstreak

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    The divisiveness between male and female drivers is something that needs to stop. You can all make fun of me all you want. We are upsers. We are Teamsters. You may not believe in what that means, but that is your problem. Physically can a male employee do more work than a women employee? Sure. But that is besides the point. It is no different than saying that a 65 year old man is weak, because he cannot do the same amount of work as that of a 21 year old man. You all need to get off your high horse and realize that there will be a certain amount of adjustments that the company will have to make to accommodate the female or older employee. I get fed up with all of this bullish#+. Grow up. Show some respect for your fellow worker.
  15. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Seems like a low figure if all is true.
  16. Shifting Contents

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    Show some respect by carrying you through your career?

    Shut up!

    Do the job or leave! We have 60 year old drivers who have earned the right to their cake routes and we have 55 year old rookies who if they can't hack a 500 piece 200 stop route then they should quit.

    We have "powder puff" girls who will throw an over 70 around with the boys and run scratch better than you.

    I will NOT carry you through your career because you are a woman or anything else. But I wont judge you on our differences either.

    PROVE to me you're a "brother" and a team mate (like i have proven to my loop mates) and I will show up to every meet point with an empty truck and a willingness to help. Other wise take your over allowed and go home. UPS should not make the job easier for anyone just because.
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    Still waiting for the DISLIKE button...
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    I'm at a loss for words. You went the gay route. Shows how slow you really are.
  19. BrownArmy

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    There are several women drivers in my center...

    One's a little loosey-goosy, but she still out-performs most of the (male) slackers.

    One's an air-driver who drives the truck like she stole it...she rocks.

    There are several women drivers in my center who have 10/15/20 more years in than me, and they rock the Casbah.

    In my 100+ route center, there are far more idiot/slacker/jack$$$ male drivers than female drivers (% based, stop yourself).

    Are we SERIOUSLY having a conversation that says that women UPS drivers can't pull the load?


    Go home and explain that rationale to the mother of your children.
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    My opinion is based on my experiences in my center. If things are different in yours, great. I'm sorry to have upset you so