UPS Makes Holiday Deliveries On Bikes

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    UPS Makes Holiday Deliveries On Bikes - KEYT

    The mailman comes, rain or shine. And so does the United Parcel Service delivery truck -- and its bikes.

    UPS has added two wheels to its fleet of brown vans, for a fourth year.

    Twenty five temporary workers are delivering packages on bikes, from Carpinteria to Santa Maria, helping with the overflow of packages this holiday season, up 50-percent.
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    2 wheeled drones
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    Our center manager had planned to have us use our helpers in a more independent way-----he wanted us to drop packages off and have them use a handcart to deliver two or three streets in a residential section. He had talked about me having 3-4 helpers doing the same on my area. Thankfully he either changed his mind or finally realized that it just wouldn't work as the helper has stayed with me until all of our deliveries were done.

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    I'm guessing that would only work in Socal.
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    Yep, there all over the place here, but not in heavy apartment areas.