UPS making billions

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by hyena, May 19, 2013.

  1. hyena

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    To all of you who will vote yes, open your eyes UPS IS MAKING BILLIONS. Why do you want to give concessions? Do you not realize you are UPS? We are the ones making the money. We are Teamsters We are UPS. Am I the only one sitting back wondering why Scott Davis is getting a 7 million dollar raise over the next three years? Maybe im by myself here but im also wondering why me and my Union brothers and sisters are only getting a 2.10 raise for the next 3 years and have to start paying for healthcare. Are you so down on self esteeem that you dont think that your worth more?We are the company Its time to take the power back! VOTE NO!
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    most will agree with you but you are preaching to the choir here. everyone needs to educate the 80% of the clueless in their respective centers.
  3. hyena

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    Im doing my best bro. In the meantime its good to vent.