UPS--Missing the chance!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BigTony, Mar 26, 2009.

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    At my center as in centers all across the U.S. routes are being cut as well as service. Day in and day out I see business being lost because numbers and reports that translate into mgmt bonuses are more important. I fully understand that these are hard economic times. Which is exactly why we should be getting businesses off early and gain their trust and more importantly their business. We boast that we have the largest logistical network right; well lets use it. For example in my center we "HAD" a large account who wanted to have a feeder trailer at their dock during the day. This would have made it easier for them and they would have loaded it saving UPS money. But our center mgmt made excuses and stalled, so fedex put a trailer there and now they have 95% of the volume. I feel helpless as some(not all mgmt) cannot see past today and there next report!!!!
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    That's why UPS is mostly REACTIVE and not PROACTIVE.
  3. ih8tbrn

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    Eventually UPS management has to wake up don't they?
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    Nah - people have died in their sleep before...
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    Now THAT'S funny!!! Sad, but true.
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    What management bonus are you referring to.
  7. Jones

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    The one you didn't get?
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    Despite the glum economic forecast, we have some of the brightest minds steering this ship. We'll get that volume back. Nice post Tony.
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    Oh, whew! And Bernie Madoff will return all the money? AIG execs will not take any more billions of $? Enron will reinstate their retirement plans for the employees? Pan American Airways will be number one again? Pope Barack is going to save the world?

    "Toto, we ARE in Oz!"
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    We might have bright minds steering the ship, but service involves more than just getting the package delivered in the world today. We have no customer service skills that we use to display daily. Our vehicles are filthy, our drivers are asked to get more business, but are degraded if their numbers to not meet criteria. Some of our drivers do not wear the complete uniform, etc. Again, there is more to service then just having the package delivered on time.

    We have the best operational network in the world. Why are we not going the extra mile with customer service? Why are our sales reps only seen at a business twice per year? Our drivers can still make good numbers and ask how the customer is doing, etc.

    I use to be proud to tell people that they will never see a "dirty" UPS package car. Every car, every day. Our company use to be one that was full of pride. Now, all that matters is meeting numbers. I am afraid this will always keep us from being the best. Being the best is not just about delivering the most packages. It is about making the customer feel as if they are number 1.
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    And much too often we are treated as #2:poop:
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    Hopefully the bright mind running our ship wasn't related to the skipper of the Titanic.
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    We have the best operational network in the world. Why are we not going the extra mile with customer service? Why are our sales reps only seen at a business twice per year? Our drivers can still make good numbers and ask how the customer is doing, etc.

    How do you get them there twice a year? Our dont go at all and dont you dare give out a cell # for a company phone if there is a real problem!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    You know I knew something was wrong when I showed up one morning and the shipping sup had on a leather FDX jacket. In about a week FDX Ground and Air plus FDX Freight started showing up as a regular pick up. We had this account for as long as I can much for loyalty!
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    No... he is the son of Jonas Grumby.

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    I was delivering business right up until 4:30 today. Most of them are normally delivered by another driver between 10:30 and noon. Is this how UPS is planning on surviving? Hope not.
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    Ditto. Delivering business until pickups started at 3:30. I don't quite want to believe that UPS doesn't realize that they will lose business, not retain it with their cavalier attitude towards their customers. Am I glad I am a closer to retirement than just starting out.
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    hell try 5-530 when Ive delivered and picked up my biggest revenue consignees at the same time. PAS implementation has been a failure here so far.
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    Or the Exxon Valdez.