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    I love it when i see sups working!I file on them but the sort manager get very angry at me but i laugh at it!
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    Ok good job
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    On our belt, we have a guy who became a driver. He doesn't come into preload anymore... at least, not right now during peak. Who is supposed to load his trucks?
    Monday/Tuesday, the guy that does pickoff for our belt didn't show up. Who is supposed to do that?
    The other week, a new hire on our belt showed up an hour late. Someone has to take care of those trucks.

    If some of us are light that day, we can go over and help, but that can't always happen.

    What happens when my area is particularly heavy one day and I can't handle it? Do I just let it back up and force the drivers to load their own trucks when they show up and there's tons of stuff left out on the slide? That doesn't seem fair to them. It's nice to have someone around who isn't dedicated to any specific labor task and can assist in a variety of things.

    People from other belts sometimes help as well, but they can't do that all of the time either.
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    Happens all the time where I am...

    At some point they call it over the speakers, "END OF YOUR WORKDAY, PRELOAD, END OF YOUR WORKDAY".

    And the drivers take over loading the trucks, because packages are still coming down the belt.

    Don't worry about it.
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    I get a kick when they send home people and you see the sups doing work!
  7. hatebrown5

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    Our stewards are wothless lol!
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    They have no woth ? What is a woth? Is it like a moth?
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    We don't have speakers over which people can talk, as far as I know. I've never heard that before at the center I work.

    To give a specific example... today, that guy in the area next to me who became a driver, didn't come in, of course. Our belt sup loaded his area all day long, with the help of someone from another belt. That area gets really heavy. Let's say he wasn't allowed to do that here. I, along with other people on the belt would be forced to handle that area, along with ours. In the end, I would have had an awful day. I appreciate the sup doing some real work, no matter what the "rules" say.

    And regarding what I mentioned before, about when my area gets heavier and I can't handle it... he never loads my trucks, he just sorts for me and stacks stuff inside. That's a lifesaver... it takes a lot of stress off and allows me to load the trucks properly and neatly rather than screw the drivers over and make a mess for them to sort through on their route.
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    If he wasn't doing that, UPS would have to hire sufficient workers...
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    I couldn't agree more. The last area on our belt also has two "seasonal" workers. Let's just say... they BETTER keep one of those people after tomorrow, or we're going to potentially have two areas on one belt that don't belong to anyone.

    I think the problem is finding workers that aren't going to quit...
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    Fixed it for you!
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    Thank you! I miss typos quite often.
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    Dude, she didn't correct any spelling errors--she changed the meaning of your post.
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    That was the joke.