UPS overnight drivers?

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  1. Alucard

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    I have a dumb question for the drivers of UPS.

    Does UPS employ over night drivers, I mean truck drivers?

    Say a package has a departure scan at 11:48 PM. Does that item stay on the loading dock til the morning or does it go out that night?

    If so, does that driver have to drive all night to another city? or does He/She pass the baton similar to a relay race?
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    That departure scan is generally loaded onto a trailer what we call a feeder, which leaves one of our hubs, and is in transit to a center. There it will get processed and eventually get loaded onto a package car, the brown trucks, this driver will more often than not be the one to deliver your package during his normal working hours. Which for most of us can run anywhere from 9 AM to 9 PM.
  3. Alucard

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    That leads to another question now.

    Lets say the package is leaving a sorting facility in GA, and headed to FL. Does that driver stay over in the city that He/She unloads in FL? or do they have round trips?
  4. brownedout

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    I'm in NJ and I'm in package (the brown package cars) The farthest I know of anyone going round trip is 140 miles each way. The guys that can answer your question best are either on the road driving, or sleeping. Check back, someone will answer you. We're good like that.
  5. Alucard

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    Works for me.

    Thanks for the replies so far guys. I know the questions are stupid, but they have peaked my interest.
  6. hypocrisy

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    Yes we have semi-truck drivers, we call them Feeder drivers.
    Some just operate locally, others meet in various locations typically 200-300 miles apart and switch trailers similar to a baton race. Some States allow triple trailers, others don't, so 2 drivers might meet 3 from another State.
    We have some runs, called Layover runs, where the driver will stay overnight in a hotel.
    There are also Sleeper runs, that typically do 3500 to 5000+ miles as a team operation. These type of runs were supposed to be expanding but the Company has seemed to want to shift that work more to subcontractors by encouraging drop-ship type of operations.
    Most packages still move by TOFC, "Trailer On Flat Car", in which trailer are taken by Feeder drivers to the railroad (in some areas this is done by shifters).
    Some extended areas will use shuttle operations out of package cars due to small volume.
  7. Old International

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    Yes, we move the packages at night. I make two round trips a night between my home center, and the nearest hub. I always have 300+ percent(3 full trls and a partial load)inbound to my center. At the Center, the trls are unloaded, and the packages loaded on the delivery trucks. Our center has a 400 mile radius that provides overnight ground service.
  8. cachsux

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    Feeder drivers are the studs of UPS ;)