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    I'm curious to know if any of you have an idea how this works for the company !!

    As drivers, we all know they pay Liberty Mutual a certain amount per each type of accident (Tier I,II,III). But do they pay another amount for the daily use of the car. For example, 100 cars used on Monday (UPS pays Y x 100) 120 cars on Tuesday (Y x 120) or do they pay one flat sum a month for the entire fleet.

    With the constant pressure on the drivers, I wonder if they are saving insurance payments on a daily basis by cutting routes.

    Plus, I don't know why UPS doesn't have the insurance company try to get us as customers since we ARE the safest drivers out there. It seemed odd when I shopped my car insurance and found no discounts for us.
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    Huh I had a good friend who worked for liberty mutual when I got my car insurance. He said I got a big discount because they insured all the ups vehicles.
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    I don't know
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    I'm assuming UPS is self insured. Liberty Mutual just does the paperwork.
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    I was always under the assumption that UPS was big enough to be "self insured". I was told it was cheaper to keep a few teams of high powered lawyers on the payroll to fight accident lawsuits than it would be to pay for insurance on every vehical. Fender benders and minor injury accidents would amount to penneys out of the operating budget compared to buying insurance for the fleet. Also isn't Liberty Mutual just another shill company ran by UPS in the long run?
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    UPS does not actually pay the amounts quoted for each Tier---they simply allocate those funds in the event that they do end up having to pay.
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    All I know is that it puts a lot of unrealistic pressure on drivers to perform miracles in a war zone. And when someting does happen, you get crucified if you don't use your nano-second of reaction time to remember how to make a tier 3 into a tier one instead. I wouldn't own a Liberty mutual policy and will disown any friend or family member that buys one!
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    Why? LM does not set our unrealistic standards nor does it assess whether an accident is avoidable or unavoidable. LM pays the bills. LM is a very respected company and I would have no problem owning one of their insurance policies.