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    i was offered a part time supervisor positon at UPS from being a sorter. Ive been reading that people hate it and to not take the postion. But i not making UPS my career. Im only staying there to go through and then after graduation become a NJ state trooper. Should i stay a sorter or should I take the part time sup position temporarily just for school?
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    Pound salt scab...if you don't plan on staying long don't even go through the pressure of being a sup
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    If you are not planning on making UPS a career, getting management experience is not a bad idea at all.
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    Good luck whatever you choose.
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    Is Tristin a boys name or girls?
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    Class, you lack it.
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    I took it as a temporary job too. I'm a FT On Road now. Just saying, you don't know the options that are available to you taking the role. If you want to be in a leadership position for the Troopers it may look good on a resume.
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    As-s you kiss it...
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    Creativity, you lack it.
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    Doesn't a computer do all your work for you?