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    This is my first post but I feel it is very important to all. I started here part-time in 1990 and was finally hired on 9 years later to a full time driver position. When I started cover driving a year later, it was explained to me how the pension worked for part time employees. If we worked 1500 hrs in a years time, we would receive a full years credit or 12 points. For all hours less than 1500, we would get credit appropriate for the hours worked. Recently, I have been trying to find out just where I stood on retiring. It has been brought to my attention that UPS will recognize only the first 750 hrs or 6 points worked during a year and anything over is gravy for themselves. This was not my understanding and this puts me way off track for retirement because 8 of my 9 part-time years were full 1500 hr. years. Can anyone shed some light on what I should do?
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    You should try posting this in the UPS Discussions forum, you will get a better response!:peaceful:
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    Contact your Teamster pension admin office and ask for a report on you contributory years. That report will have your actual accrued time years/hours. Start there, verify whether you agree with it or not, then consult that office regarding your plan if it does not seem to jive with your understanding. Also ask about getting a plan descripion book and read the whole thing.