UPS Pickup lines?


Ill post the one i thought of

" After i finish delivering these packages, ill come give you mine "


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Say really loudly to the bank teller:

"What?! No, the package is already in a box. Why do you keep asking me to put my package in your box?"


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In reply to the "Fedups" joke.

"Nope, we partnered with Snap On. We're called SnapUps, because management likes to Snap dicks Ups our asses."


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Me: "Would you like this package in the front, or, in the back?"
Her: In the back definitely
Me: "You dirty facking slutmuffin..."
Her: Excuse me?
Me: "I said Im gonna need a lastname mam"


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Don't need any pickup lines. All you have to do is show them your paycheck.
You gotta fill the order after that though big guy.

Wine her and dine her. After you drop her off Tyrone is 69'n her.
If it's all in the paycheck of course.