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    What is the process? Obviously airline certificates and that process of build up leading you to a commercial license. Time and money. But how can you actually aim for a UPS piloting job from the get go? I'd imagine HUB seniority doesn't matter and these are strictly "off the street" hires. Correct or wrong? Any insight into how you go from being the best loader in your HUB to being a UPS Captain. The hub is getting old...
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    I am not aware of all the requirements, but I do know that unless you are a current airline pilot or former military jet pilot your chances are slim to none at getting the job. Just having the right certifications aren't enough, you would have to bring some significant experience to the table to be considered, and yes they are all "off the street" hires.
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    just sign your name on the "part-time to pilot" bid sheet, its posted right next to the full-time driver bid sheet :)
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    The airline and small package, are not connected. There is a guy in my hub who was airline mechanic prior 9/11, and wanted to transfer from hub to UPS airline mechanic. HR told the guy, can't. He has to apply on the airline side of the business.
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    It's going to take you about $200,000 to go to a flight school like Embry Riddle for 4 years. Than your are going to have to accumulate 1500 + hours of commercial flight time before the insurance company will even let them think about hiring you.
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    Go to college then join the air force. Might be a better start than slangin cardboard in a hub.
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    When you were a little kid, and lived in an apartment on an upper floor, and they asked you what you wanted for your birthday, did you say, "a pony?"
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    Here's the website of the IPA, the union of UPS pilots . . .
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    :cloudy::cloudy::cloudy: More like "out of the cloud" hires, wouldn't you say? :cloudy::cloudy::cloudy:
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    Give up on driving already Superloader?
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    There was a news article a few months ago that said UPS and Fedex required significantly more experience in terms of flight hours than passenger airlines. UPS/Fedex required about 5000hrs experience and some passenger airlines required around 1000hrs.
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    I once spoke with a UPS small airplane pilot, he flew one of the feeder planes, and I was surprised to hear how low his salary was. He was making 24k a year. Seems like an extremely low salary given the expense of flight school
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    Yes, oddly enough that is the first year average pay, but it skyrockets from there. Eventually that pilot will be taking in $200k+ per year and only work 40 hours a month.
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    I guess UPS was right---packages before people.
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    When I was hired they asked me if I wanted to fly a 767 or drive a P100. Like a fool I checked off the P100 box what a fool I was.
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    Look at the bright side. If the motor quits in your P100 you won`t auger in from 40,000 feet up.
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    Yeah, I want to know what the deal is, too.

    Oh, sorry, 1st time poster. :happy-very:

    While I was in college I finished my ratings, I was a private pilot @16.

    After graduating college, I couldn't find a job in my field so I got a casual driver gig at UPS. Then I started thinking, how does a guy (who already has the ratings, and 1000+ hours) get a flying job at UPS?

    I take it going up to my manager and asking probably won't do it. I got a degree and the ratings, where do I go from here?:sick:
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    I'm a casual right now (until December),and I got all my ratings to fly commercially (and a degree). How do I try and fanagle my way into one of their airplanes? I've got all the proper training, licenses and ratings. Would working 'within' UPS help? Or is it a pipe dream?
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    There is over 100 IPA pilots on furlough and UPS is using MGT pilots to fill the void...
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would have to think that flying one of the big cargo planes is more than likely a pipe dream.

    There may be a way to get in the cockpit and still handle UPS packages. How does your air get to your local airport? Is it flown in on a UPS plane or by a contracted airline? Ours comes in via a puddle jumper. If yours does as well this may be your ticket; beyond that, I don't see how you would be able to combine your UPS career and pilot license.
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    Perhaps he could be a "cover pilot?"