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    I applied for pt package handler and driver helper pt.I already went to the tour for pkg handler and Iam going for interview tomorrow.I have a schedule interview/tour for driver helper next week.It seems that driver helper is a better job and probably get more hours but it seems once season is done driver helper position will be done,and the package handler postion I could be kept on after the season.My question is if i take the driver helper postion would they keep me on after the season if I do a good job?Or should I just take the package handler postion so I can eventually get fulltime which is my main goal?
  2. ol'browneye

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    Take the pkg handler position. Depending on your hours and shift, you might be able to do the helper position too! And yes of course after peak season the helper job would be over but you would still have the pkg handler position. Good luck to you!
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    thats not true.. if he's hired as a seasonal helper, then regardless what position (driver helper or package handler), he will be let go after the season.

    HOWEVER, sometimes they keep the package handlers even after busy seasom,BUT you cant count on that.