UPS Pride Truck


Doesn’t play well with others…
Legs are starting to tingle, should really be getting off the toilet but you’re putting words in my mouth.

There’s a lot more to being human than just a sack of meat that reproduces. How you define yourself and what that means to you does not have to boil down to chopping off or adding sexual organs. I never mentioned anything like that and yet it’s the first thing you jump to
2 sexes, period end of story. Not arguing the point.


Polishing toilet bowls since 1966.
I thought about typing out a long response to address a lot of the ignorance posted in here around this topic but I’m nearly done pooping and that’s my BC posting time.

Basically I agree that sex is binary (for the most part, the rare hermaphrodite case aside). On the other hand gender is much more fluid. Believe it or not I don’t really care, but not everything is as black or white as you may wish. Just because you don’t like something or it makes you uncomfortable (I’m assuming here) doesn’t mean it’s not true.

These people have always been around and will always be, they just have a voice now whereas they did not before. It’s unfortunate a small but vocal minority (woke bull:censored2:) of them have twisted the discussion in such a way.
You are born with one or the other. Not that hard to distinguish..


Just a turd
How many do you know? Lol

Just one.