UPS Releases 1st Quarter Results

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    "UPS has successfully managed its operations through many economic cycles and we will do so again," Davis added.

    I have little doubt that this will be the case through these tough times. I have total faith in UPS and how they manage the business. When times are good again, so will it be at UPS. In the meantime, I can't think of another company I'd rather be with, besides Exxon-Mobil, LOL.
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    halabertan? or however its spelt.
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    150,000 a year tax free would be nice.
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    $1.49B profit, does this mean that we will get a nice big fat bonus on the front line? Sorry I thought I was working for another company that does care about it's drivers on the front line. :dissapointed:
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    Become a shareholder and you can reap some of those rewards in the form of dividends!