UPS seasonal employee hides packages, steals them later

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    UPS seasonal employee hides packages, steals them later - Local 10

    Emmanuel Reggin, 18, hid goods in dumpsters, returned after hours at least 2 times

    UPS hires about 100,000 seasonal employees to support its full-time drivers as shipping ramps up ahead of the holidays, the company announced in September.

    Big Brown is down at least one of those seasonal hires after a Miami man was arrested for stealing packages from the truck he was assigned to on two different occasions.

    On Monday, Emmanuel Reggin, 18, was unloading a UPS truck with 5,500 boxes delivered to a Nektova fulfillment center located at 512 NE 190th St. According to its website, Nektova is a global distributor of branded consumer electronics.
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    They better search his hair as well. Might be a couple of computers and a big screen TV stashed.
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    You should never trust anyone who drives a Nissan Altima, regardless of whether it is the base model or has all the bells and whistles.

    5.5K packages? Were these being delivered out of a straight box (Big Bertha)?
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    Never did. never will.

    Friends don't let friends drive Nissans.
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    Hahahahaha ya they hired him?
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    another one of Obamas kids
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    This just made the TV. JUST the kind of publicity UPS wants this time of year.