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    Ok, so without hearing all the negativity and banter that comes with this topic, I just want and UNBIASED and honest answer from the right person at UPS or the Teamster Union......

    I live in the state of CT where as of this summer (2011), marijuana has been decriminalized and is no longer a misdemeanor crime, and holds up in court as well as a parking ticket.

    My question (to the right person, and not just some know-it-all worker putting in their 2 cents) is, now that it has become decriminalized, can a worker that tests positive for the substance still lose their job?

    I understand that UPS has a Zero Tolerance attitude towards drug use and alcohol.

    Also, I've taken notice that the same union (The Teamsters) recently unionized 40 marijuana farmers in the state of CA; I'd be naive to think that they were not using the substance and still happily reaping the benefits of the union.

    I do not work for the company, and would just like to know, where does the company stand on this issue?

    Does UPS recognize marijuana to still be an illegal drug that if found in your system can be grounds for termination? Or, would they be more lenient and turn the other cheek if it were under the circumstances that marijuana was decriminalized in the state that an employee resided in.

    It sickens to me think about all the people who leave work and drink almost every night out of the week to "take the edge off" from work, life and other stresses can be so easily justified in their actions, but those that live in a state where marijuana is now decriminalized, who decide to come home and partake in using marijuana for the same reasons, can suddenly be at risk of losing their job.

    I am not trying to start a rant, and I am not looking for ANYONE'S opinion on marijuana, I just want an answer to my question:

    Can a union worker be terminated for using marijuana in a state like CT where marijuana has been decriminalized?

    Furthermore, lets say a Package Driver who always had a great and upbeat attitude, who always came to work on time and didn't leave until the job was done, one day was involved in an accident, and after taking a urinalysis, tested positive for marijuana; there is no way to say that the marijuana found in his system was from being "high on the job" or if they decided to "toke up" at say a friends wedding?

    Can someone please articulate a clear and concise answer to my multi-part question?
  2. moreluck

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    you just want someone to say it's OK.
  3. Monkey Butt

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    No ... he wants UPS to say it's OK.
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    Without getting into the politics of marijuana, the answer to your question, "Can a union worker be terminated for using marijuana in a state like CT where marijuana has been decriminalized?", is:

    Yes. Absolutely. Without fail, and with no recourse.

    That's the simplest, most concise answer available.
  5. pickup

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    To the original poster, I found a link to the "Connecticut decriminalizing marijuana". Here it is: . From my reading, it seems to me that Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana has been decriminalized, not the usage of marijuana. Just as possession of alcohol is legal, being under the influence of it while driving a vehicle is still a big no no and I would say with a great degree of certainly that caught driving while under the influence of marijuana is also a big no no in the eyes of UPS and the law.

    As for whether you test positive due to inhaling at a weekend wedding or during your lunchbreak makes no difference if you fail your urinalysis test.

    UPS will not tolerate testing positive. If they were to put you back on the road anytime in the future and you are involved in an accident that involved in the death of someone else and you test positive again, the lawyers for the dead person can easily take a big financial bite out of UPS's hide.

    There, no judgements involved in the answer.
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  6. DS

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    As pickup points out,even a know-it-all worker already knows the answer to your question.
    ANYONE can tell you ups does whatever they want,when they want.
    Who ratted you out?
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    OK,let's see. We're talking about UPS, correct?

    1. It's their game.
    2. They make up the rules.
    3. They also cheat.

    Conclusion: Don't even think about it!
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    It's not worth the risk.
  9. over9five

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    Hear hear!
  10. moreluck

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    ".............decide to come home and partake in using marijuana for the same reasons, can suddenly be at risk of losing their job."..............(Imnotapanda)

    You could just unwind with some Sinatra........doobie doobie dooo !!!
  11. over9five

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    Which would require you to use marijuana!
  12. goetface

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    because of course we all know what a safety risk marijuana poses to UPS, you know those boxes might not move as fast. but really its not even about safety, if it was, they would follow the crap they tell you about safety and want you to use it everytime if they gave a damn. however, production over takes quality, and so it takes over safety, its all about showing profits every quarter, stock holders, and not making repairs on equipment... I CAN GO ON ALLLLLL DAY.
  13. moreluck

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    Just think of the extra added expense of installing candy & chips vending machines!!
  14. goetface

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    Or rather, at least keeping them stocked so I dont have to walk to the other side of the hub to get a drink and it takes my whole amazing 10 minute power break. Honestly, at my hub, 75% + easy! smoke marijuana, why? california. Even sups joke around about it with us, infact guys smoke out in the parking structure!
  15. brownmonster

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    Judging by the planning of our operations somebody is smoking something and it ain't the hourlies.
  16. kdogg788

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    Typically they wouldn't test you unless they feel something is impairing you at work, so to be on the safe side, if you absolutely have to smoke, then do it on your own time and keep quiet about it to anyone at work.

  17. ImNotAPanda

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    Thanks to everyone that was able to share some insight with me!
  18. ImNotAPanda

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    I understand that they also test you if there was ever an accident at work, and although someone may not have smoked on or before work, THC stays in the body for up to 30 days; it would be hard to determine when the employee used the substance, so I think the best bet is to grow up and leave the pot behind.
  19. hypocrisy

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    The U.S. Dept of Transportation does not recognize marijuana use as legal or acceptable regardless of whether it is decriminalized or for "medical use" in any particular State. If you drive, or are certified to drive, you are subject to random drug testing and 'for cause' drug testing. After any serious accident you should expect to be drug tested and disciplined if you test positive for marijuana use.

    Drivers should know that they are playing by a different set of rules when they want to drive for a living, whether CDL or non-CDL (CDL drivers should be used to this, as we have been held to a higher standard of .04% for Alcohol for a long time and are tested for having any amount in our system during random drug screens). It seems to me that the effort to decriminalize has been misleading some into thinking using is OK.

    If you drive, or want to drive, stay drug free and I highly recommend re-evaluating your alcohol use as one DUI could spell the end of your career as the Company is not currently signing waivers.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    THC stays in the hair for up to 6 months.