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    Sorry, I do not know what happened with the previous post, it just says errors so I guess I will repost the same one again.

    I was just curious as far as selling UPS stock goes. I finished a divorce a year and a half ago which left quite a bit of debt that I am trying to eliminate. I have about 80 shares of UPS stock which would be more than enough to cover all the debts and would probably save me a good amount of interest.

    I am not sure how many of these shares are available to sell as there is the 2 year hold on them and I understand that you must sell in blocks of 100 shares. I tried to call Mellon investor which I was on hold for quite awhile so I thought I would just see if anyone here could tell me what my options are with this stock.

    I guess my real question is:

    Is there a way to sell when there are less than 100 available shares?

    Or is there a way to borrow against this stock through Mellon? I tried my bank to see if I could get a loan with this stock as collateral but they do not do that.

    I really do not want to sell but I think it might be my best option without taking out another loan. This would also free up almost $500 a month in bills which would really help. The divorce took my credit down the toilet and my credit score is only around 600-620. I pay quite a bit in child support each week and it will be another year before I hit top pay as a driver through progression.

    Thanks and I appreciate any advice you could give!
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    If you go to the Mellon site it states that you have to convert the A shares to B if you want to sell less than 100.
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    I had originally marked my calendar Jan 30th for UPS earnings and then I saw this. Was it delayed? Or did I just have the wrong date to begin with?

    Search Results for UPS (UPS)Future EventsDatePageEvent11-Feb-08CallsEarnings Conference Call: (Live Phone N/A) on Feb 11 2008 9:00AM11-Feb-08EarningsNext earnings release: Feb 11 before market, confirmed. Reuters Research estimate: 1.13
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    traveler Where next? Venice

    All I can say is...
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    Yeah, I got that notice too, traveler.

    I'm convinced that it is tomorrow. The Fed will also meet tomorrow. Even if our earnings and sentiment are upbeat, what the Fed does will dictate how the market closes tomorrow.

    I'm keeping my fingers & toes crossed

    OUCH.....toe cramp !!! :biting:
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    Where can I get info on buying UPS Stock and how it works?
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    call mellon im not sure if i can give you fax nu over this you have to fax panle they meet 2 times a month send a letter saying your hard ship. you want your stock changed to class b unrestricted stock they will s.end you a letter and a check or direct deposit wich is your choice the whole thing takes about 2 weeks the only problem is if your selling more than 100 100 and less you have to sell all good luck i hope this helped,

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    Who is going to talk this guy out of it? Anyone? Anyone? LOl! I'm tired of being the only negative bias against buying UPS Stock. (Look at INTC, AMTD or C. Make some real cash over the next 12 months. ) Whatever, UPS.....$69-$80 Day trade it.
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    UPS Board Increases Dividend
    Thursday January 31, 5:00 pm ET

    ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The UPS (NYSE:UPS - News) Board of Directors today increased the regular quarterly dividend to $0.45 per share from $0.42 on all outstanding Class A and Class B shares as a sign of its confidence in the company’s growth prospects and financial strength.
    The dividend is payable March 4, 2008, to shareholders of record on Feb. 11, 2008.
    UPS’s dividend has more than doubled since February 2003. The company has either increased or maintained its dividend every year for almost four decades.
    The Board also approved an earlier payment schedule for the dividend typically declared in November. Beginning this year and going forward, that dividend will be paid in December instead of the following January. The actual payment date will be determined at the November meeting of the Board.
    UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company and a global leader in supply chain and freight services. With more than a century of experience in transportation and logistics, UPS is a leading global trade expert equipped with a broad portfolio of solutions. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., UPS serves more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The company can be found on the Web at To get UPS news direct, visit

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    At $73 per share that should be about a 2.465% payout.
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    It's about time they made this adjustment. That means 5 dividend payments this year.

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    That will be nice. I've never been fond of the current dividend payoff schedule; I think March/June/September/December will be a good schedule to follow.