UPS Tries to Spoil the FedEx-TNT Merger

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    UPS Tries to Spoil the FedEx-TNT Merger - Motley Fool

    UPS is lobbying hard across the world to stop FedEx from buying TNT Express, but its efforts aren't likely to succeed.

    Three years ago, United Parcel Service called off its planned merger with Dutch rival TNT Express after the European Commission threatened to block the deal due to antitrust concerns.

    Last April, FedEx stepped into the gap, striking its own deal to buy TNT Express for nearly $5 billion. This merger will make FedEx a much more formidable competitor globally -- and especially in Europe.

    Not surprisingly, UPS fears this outcome. As a result, it has done everything within its power to prevent FedEx from consummating this critical merger.
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    And UPS is morally and legally right to challenge it! Total BS that we got snubbed and they can walk right into it. I'm all for fair competition, but emphasis is on the word fair!
  3. UPS was going to pay nearly $2 billion more for TNT. Really makes you wonder if FedEx just bribed the right people.
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    Maybe y'all haven't heard--size matters.