UPS, union reach deal

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    UPS, union reach deal - Pioneer Local

    The tentative agreement includes a $26 a week pension payment increase and a 70-cent hourly pay increase for the first year of the contract with 5-cent increases in additional years, he said.

    The new contract also grants additional vacation time and an extra optional day off; the new contract did not force the union to give anything up from the previous six-year agreement, Pocztowski said.
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    .70 first year and .05 remaining years? This is a .90 raise in 5 years? Is this a typo?
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    I also posted this in another thread to answer a question.....

    From my steward this morning.............

    Many contract issues were improved from our current contract.
    among them are:

    3 optional days per year now. Up from 2.

    Extra week of vacation after 30 years service.
    Now 7 weeks plus the optional week. Full-time and part-time.

    If layoffs occur, members retain same rate of pay in lesser job classification.

    Feeder moving seasonal trailers, repair shops, etc., no subcontracting.

    Unlimited full-time job classification bidding. Combo-workers can sign on feeder bids, feeder workers can sign on porter bids, etc.

    Recouping Crosstown feeder work! JOBS!!!
    NO MORE PACELLA pulling our loads or empties!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cost of living (COLA) language retained.

    We ended up with the split raise as such:
    That's four dollars over five years increase in wages.
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    in reality it's not .70 raise for this year... actually is 52.5 cents for the 1st full contract year. .35 and .35 may add up to .70, but is not really a .70 raise Many may consider this raise fair, but .70 is an illusion
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    Looking at it for one year only, you have a point. However, you have that .70 for the rest of your career at UPS; so hopefully it is more like .695 for the next contract year when you add it up over the next 20 years.
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    i would have like to see earlier age for retirement. Im not sure my body can take much more of these 11hr days in this heat:anxious: