UPS verses FedEx in Racing



Well UPS as seen great success with their venture in NASCAR. The whole "Dale Drive the Truck" program has made that old brown truck not only a media sensation but has solidified the truck as an American Icon. Well what about FedEx?
To their credit they have been involved with racing for many years. Their first venture was a sponsorship back in the late 70's early 80's of World of Outlaw Sprint Car Driver "Slammin" Sammy Swindell, a Memphis based Sprinter. This progressed to a few years back with FedEx becoming the series title Sponsor of CART. However, CART is in serious trouble and some are even predicting the demise of the series. Not sure if this will happen but if it does will FedEx come to NASCAR? Good question but I think FedEx choose CART because of global exposure so my guess is they will head to F1 if CART falls. Then again F1 is having $$$$ trouble as well so that may not be safe. NASCAR.COM had an interview with Chip Ganassi concerning the future state of NASCAR and his comments were interesting with his insight going beyond racing to the overall economy in general.



Look for FedEx to get on the NASCAR bandwagon sometime soon. With all the success UPS has had and the enormous growth of NASCAR, you can bet FedEx won't let this opportunity pass bye. It would be great to see UPS and FedEx competing against each other on the NASCAR circuit. Would make for some great competition both on and off the track.


Bus, as a worldwide Company and a global player,UPS should get involved in and sponser an F1 car. Makes sense, but I think we're still far too conservative for it.