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    So I was injured on the job 1-2012. I reached mmi 6-2013. I was asked by ups if I had completed the ada paperwork? My responce was, I never received ada paperwork. I was instructed that I had to fill out ada paperwork. Wrong. Check your state workers comp law. Our workers comp law here states, shall be returned to meaningful employment or terminated. There is no middle or grey area there, no ada paperwork. The only thing ups uses the ada for is so they can say they are looking for meaningful employment for you. AKA starving you out. Dont sign anything but your dvir and your paycheck. I have personally talked to 2 employees that have filled this out and it has really put there case behind.
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    I am not sure about the ADA here in the south.. I have a mediation date next month and I am so very nervous about it.. I have my 25 in so that gives me a little comfort..However I was not planning on leaving ( prior to the injury) until I was at least 57 or 58.. I have tried to get ssi disability, but it is gong to be very difficult with my injury per an attorney… I am full of anxiety and fear now that I will loose all I have worked for if UPS/Liberty Mutual low ball me.. I do have an attorney, a very good one, however we ALL know UPS does not care about us, and when it comes time to settle if they low ball me even with their final offer I don't know what I will do.. I will most likely become sick in my attorneys office.. Please don't get me wrong, no amount of money will make me even close to 100%… My rating is 20%, with four restrictions.. It is totally depressing.. The SSI attorney said they will say I can be ticket taker at a movie theater !! Great, going from driver at UPS to now working in a movie theater for minimum wage… Only at UPS !!!

    At my location UPS has hired persons who are disabled , why can they not hire me, is my question.??

    Ouch, I hope you are well ( as can be) and you were treated fairly with your settlement..
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    I was injured also and reached MMI about the same time you did. I never received ADA paperwork either. I had to request it a year later, and went through the process for nothing. I would like to know what has happened with you in the 3 years since MMI? Thanks