UPS Worldport on History Channel

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by rushfan, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. rushfan

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    I was spending quality time with the tv, surfing. I stopped on the History Channel and saw UPS Worldport on }Modern Marvels.

    It's probably old news to all y'all, but it was cool seeing the Louisville operation.
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    I'd like to have seen that myself but what's really sad is the company should have told everyone (and they may have and I just missed it) about this program. Worldport IMO will become a major stepping stone in the years ahead as it pertains to the history of UPS.

    Keep an eye out in future Fortune magazines as they are planning a story about the technology at UPS. Unrelated to UPS directly, I saw first hand the new RF tags being tested for label applications but they have the problem of not transmitting through various liquids and metallic objects. Also pinpointing in bulkflow creates some issues. There are a couple of other problems too that are being worked on I'm sure and if this technology has these bugs worked out, I'm no expert at all, but just basic common sense tells me it will very much change our world not just within UPS but outside as well.

    For example, walk into a grocery store, grab a gallon of milk and walk right back out and never see a cashier or debt machine but your account is debted for 1 gallon of milk. Or a convience store opened 24 hours, 7 days a week and with no clerk at all. The potential possibilities are truly amazing if they can work out the bugs and they are working on them as we speak.
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    I'd really like to see that program too, so I took a look at the history channel schedule to see if it will air again this week...

    Assuming that it is the show about loading docks (someone please let me know if that is the wrong show) it will air on Saturday Aug 2 from 6-7 pm pacific time.

    You can check the programming schedule for your own time zone using this link
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    thanks rushfan and cheryl! a note about the rf tags---Wal Mart will soon require that all vendors use rf's on all incoming parcels.

    it is very exciting what has recently taken place and what is due to take place here at UPS in technology. there is really no limit to the possibilities! i hope to be working in louisville one day and seeing late breaking technology unfold.

    Go UPS!
  5. rushfan

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    Maybe the show was mentioned on, and I missed it. If not, it's a shame that nothing was said about the program through a pcm, or by other means.