UPS'ers and Integrity

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by RockyRogue, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. RockyRogue

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    I was working at our Denver Hub the other night, unloading a package car when I realized my cell-phone and I had become separated. I didn't have the first clue when it happened, let alone where. I told the supervisor was working for and radio calls alerted the sort aisle that it might be coming. By the end of the night, nothing was known of my cell:sad:. I spoke to the supe I was working for, the full-timer he reported to and another supe I crossed paths with. I described it to Security on my way out and kept my fingers crossed that it hadn't been crushed. I went in last night (Friday) and checked with the p/t supe I was working for AND his full-timer but they knew nothing. By this point, I'd written it off as lost or destroyed in the operation. About an hour into the sort, I was pushing my package car slide down the boxline when a guy came up, ducked under the slide frame and asked, "Did you lose your phone last night?" I said, "Yeah, I did, as a matter of fact. Why?" He answered in a roundabout way, "Flip-phone with X contact?" My eyes widened and I said, "YOU FOUND MY PHONE???!" He smiled slightly and said, "Yeah. Gimme 5 minutes and I'll get it for ya." I found him later and it turned out his area had been getting beaten up. We went to an office and sure enough, THERE was my phone!

    Sorry for the long story. I don't know who found it--this guy or a person on another sort. I just wanted to say a very public thank you to the honest UPS employees, both in my hub and everywhere else. You all renew my hope in society. -Rocky
  2. toonertoo

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    That is just how UPS people are.
    Once in a while you will hear of people who steal, it truly is rare for the number of employees UPS has. IMO
    I leave my purse on the check in area, I leave stuff all over, radio in my truck, in 23 yrs I have never worried about anything around reload, preload or drivers, clerks, mechanics, car wash etc. They are all hard workers and dont steal.
  3. Fnix

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    no one steals @ UPS because we all make $28 an hour.
  4. Dutch Dawg

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    Huh...we do? Is it August first already?

    In our small building people consistently leave keys and BlackBerry type devices laying around without a problem. Occasionally we've had issues with theft, but not often. I percieve theft to be less of a problem in our domicile than a large hub. I don't believe this is due to any closeness we feel for each other as we're still a pretty diverse group. I just think the mentality in a smaller town is still somewhat different and everytime I drive through the BIG city in heavy traffic, I remember why it is I live where I do.
  5. HazMatMan

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    No we don't all make 28 an hour!!!
  6. scratch

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    I'm glad you got your phone back, you are very lucky. I lost mine on my area about a month ago, its probably in a ditch beside the road somewhere. I got a better phone for free using the Corporate Employee discount, but the bad part is losing about 40-50 unlisted numbers programmed in the old phone. Where I am, we have to register our phones, we have a special sticker with a registration number on it. I'm surprised a Hub your size doesn't have the same requirement.
  7. Fnix

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    i thought i did, my mom yelled at me when I wouldnt give her $900 for rent cause i make $28 an hour.

    i make $10.50 but i dont give people this info
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    Hi Rock, Glad you found your phone. I always carry mine in my pocket and when Im out on my route I put it in the cup holder. I also keep it in a plastic zip lock baggy. You know how those trucks leak when it rains and plus Im on a rural route and the dirt roads(dusty) can reak havoc on a cell phone.(ex. scratched faced because of dust) Im fearful that the little clip or whatever holds the phone will break and my phone will be lost. Anyhow, did you try calling your phone at the center after the sort. You have to do it when its quiet so you can hear your phone ringing. Sometimes, thats a good way to find it when you know you have lost it in a certian location. sincerely area 43
  9. toonertoo

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    There have been a few stole out of my truck, a sup and another driver, both had them on dash, and in cup holder. But at the center never a problem.
  10. ChefMickey

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    How's this for integrity-I have a guy that works in my area. He used to be a driver but bid inside a 22.3 combo job. I believe there is a substantial pay cut involved with a combo job. Anyway, he has been bragging that he is still receiving his full driver rate. Does anyone out there think this should be reported? I have no reason to report him other than integrity.
  11. upsdude

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    Only problem I’ve had is with the raccoons stealing dog biscuits out of my package car.
  12. Harry Manback

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    I wouldn't report him, there's plenty of people out there getting screwed because of payroll's shortcomings. Nice to see that some is getting the upside of it. Beside's that, there's this little thing I like to believe in called karma. What goes around comes around. Inevitably, the day will come that someone will realize what's going on and nip it in the bud. He's getting money he doesn't neccessarily deserve, but he gets it after Uncle Sam gets his cut. When Big Mama Brown decides to take it back, they'll take everything he got plus what Uncle Sam got too. What a turd in his punch bowl that will be....:thumbup1:
  13. over9five

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    I agree with Harry. UPS will find out, and they will want it back.

    If he had a brain in his head, he'd tell them himself. Don't get involved.
  14. 1989

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    When I transferred I was getting my old wage for about 6 months. granted it was only .26 more an hour. But when they cought it, they didn't take any money back.
  15. krash

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    I had some "fake" Oakleys in my car at one time and they got to the point where the lenses were too scratched up. So I hang them on my supply rack in the back. Come in the next day and they were gone:lol: They really desperate to steal an obvious $10 pair of sunglasses.:w00t:
  16. Griff

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    It will get found out by payroll eventually. I've seen several people in this same exact situation forced to repay ridiculous sums of money back to UPS. We are talking years of overpayment ($25,000-$45,000), I'm not sure about the details, but I wouldn't want to be paying that kinda debt off.

    If you're so concerned with your integrity being so visible, you should probably submit your letter of intent to management. They're the only ones at UPS who constantly try to prove they aren't liars and cheaters. I wonder why :cool:?
  17. Channahon

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    Sorry for the long story. I don't know who found it--this guy or a person on another sort. I just wanted to say a very public thank you to the honest UPS employees, both in my hub and everywhere else. You all renew my hope in society. -Rocky


    No need to apologize for your long story. It's refreshing to read a thread about the honesty of our employees. The vast majority of our employees are hard working and honest. Which creates a safe environment for our employees.

    Granted there are some occurences of theft inside and outside of our buildings, but over the years, as a female working mainly in large buildings, I generally felt safe at UPS.
  18. Sammie

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    You had to be so relieved! And yes, there are some good people out there!

    While we're on the subject of "theft", at one point I drove a motorized cart around the Denver hub and distributed mail to all the offices. One day I saw a small jewelry box from a well known store among my cartful of mail. It wasn't boxed or taped up, it was just a fancy red jewelry box. I opened it and found one heck of a sparkler. (Whether it was real or not is anybody's guess). But I turned it in and found out that LP often plants "salts" around the hub and then they lurk around to see where those "salts" end up.

    An LP sup (no longer with the company), who is a very small man told me he hid in oversized trash cans to scope out theft activities on the belt lines.

    Wasn't it Oscar the Grouch who also hung out in trash cans??? :tongue_sm
  19. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I think I'd like a job in LP. That looks like fun.
  20. RockyRogue

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    I agree on all counts, Channahon--our employee's integrity, the situations of theft and feeling safe in a UPS building. Most people are getting their a**es handed to them too much to do anything. Sometimes even talking is a chore lol.

    Yes, I was very relieved, Sammie. The numbers I would have lost could have been found again. Its just losing your only instant communication to the world is kinda rattling. I was pretty jumpy for those 24 hours. My brother being in town and relying on that phone made it all the more stressful. I know there are good people out there but there may be more than some would think.

    LOL about the LP supe hiding in trash cans. Good tactic, though. And yes, it was Oscar the Grouch that hid in trash cans. -Rocky