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    I'm at my second week of working unload at UPS and so far I'm enjoying it. I just signed up for this website and have been looking for info on how to register at Whenever I go to the site I get to the login screen but can't seem to find a link or anything to register. I've also looked on this site for threads about this question but can't seem to find any so my apologies if this has already been covered. If someone could send me a link or some info on how to sign up it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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    If you've gotten your first paycheck you should have your employee ID. It's located at the top left of your check stub. That ID is your username. The password is set default. For example, Johnny Johnson was born in 1977 and his employee ID is XXXXX53. His default password would be jo7753. So, the first two letters of your last name, the last 2 numbers of your date of birth, and the last two numbers of your employee ID. If you have any other questions you can PM me or just reply here and people will be happy to help.
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    When you do go online for the first time using the directions given by Diegotron, you can change the password to something of your choosing.
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    Thanks so much for your help guys. Greatly appreciated. :happy-very:

    One last quick question. Can you use firefox on I just got to a screen where it wants me to upgrade internet explorer. I don't mind if I have too but I'd rather just use firefox.
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    I used to get on with Firefox all the time, but a few months ago It stopped letting me. I get that screen that wants me to upgrade to IE 5 or Netscape Navigator 6.2 or higher. Some people have no problem getting on with Firefox. I need to get with's Tech Support to fix this.
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    Okay. Thanks so much for all the help.
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    I started UPS June 28 and it is very hot every day. I sweat a whole lot. Package after package until time to go home. Busy all the time. No break at all. When I feel sleepy I seat. It all good. I have a job and Thank God.
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe. I would suggest you change your user name to something other than your employee ID#.
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    Oh, that's his phone number, we talk all the time !
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    What do you talk about ... your desire to meet Upstate in person?
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    Go the registration help under the LOGIN box. , click the link for U.S. etc. Scroll down a little bit and it tells you how to set up your registration. Look on your pay stub for your ID etc and how to set up your PIN number.
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    Firefox has always and continues to work fine for me in regards to