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    I would like to dedicate my 25,000th post to a very special person whom I have gotten to know over the years on this forum. She has been an inspiration to me both on a personal and professional level. She is currently battling a monster and, in spite of this, is able to keep her thoughts and her mood positive, at times even a little flirty. Most importantly, she has helped me to put things in to perspective and my "bad days" seem rather trivial in comparison to hers.

    ajblakejr has openly discussed her struggle with a disease known as multiple sclerosis. I will admit that I did not really know all that much about this debilitating disease prior to meeting her. My son did have a teammate on his youth hockey team who's father had MS. It was quite sad---from the neck up he was sharp as a tack but you could see the decline in his motor functions over the course of a season or two. He was a high school guidance counselor prior to the MS forcing his early retirement. I saw him the other day and almost cried--he cannot walk without assistance and is a shell of his former self. He did not recognize me at first--his wife had to remind him who I was. The more I learn about this disease the more I wish we could find a cure for it.

    aj is always there if I need someone to talk to and to scold me when need be. aj is someone whom I am proud to call my friend. aj, I dedicate my 25,000th post on Brown Cafe to you. Dave.
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    *rings the alarm*
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    This thread has it.

    {In.... before someone makes a stupid comment}

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    That's my girl.
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    I am speechless.
    I can't type with tears in my eyes.

    Thank you is not enough to express what I feel.

    Hitting me harder than I can communicate.
    Awareness is what I hope to bring to the conversation.
    What it feels like to know I brought it and someone listened...
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    Upstate, I have a feeling aj has had a positive affect on more people than we realize.

    Great post.

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    first time that I had seen someone dedicate a forum post to another member... pretty cool

    as for aj, I'm new here and don't know anyone, wish you luck with your MS! kick it's ass!
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    Nice Upstate,very kind words. Sorry to hear about your son's friend's father.

    AJ, I too am pulling for you! I know a couple of people who live very normal lives with MS and have for years. Don't let it get/bring you down period my friends don't and if they hadn't told me I would have never known they had it, to be honest I can't even notice a difference in them. Good luck with it. I will pray that you and my friends beat this disease.
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    Im impressed, and im not easily.
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    Dave, that was a great post,

    AJ, I hope you stay strong and kick its ass... I know 2 people with MS and they are winning the fight....Good luck You know we are all here for you...
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    Fixed! Sorry had to do it in a Upstate thread:wink2:.

    Just joking tooner! I'll delete it if need be.
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    I was expecting more of a joke post for the 25k one, but this post was complete class.

    AJ is a sparkling member of this community and well deserving of such praise.
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    All, I spoke at a late lunch event for MS Awareness Week.
    I pulled this thread for motivation.
    I use the words, scribed on this page, to remind me who I am.
    I used Dave's humbling post, this morning, to remind me what is at stake.
    His story, his words...made the difference, in my today.
    And your reaction, my fellow BC friends...reinforced the difference.
    I thank you for everything.

    It is about AWARENESS...
    These are my delivery was passion and I pray it never appears on YouTube.
    Allow me to share with you......

    Today is hard.
    I look in the mirror and see confusion.
    This is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week.
    Today is far removed from the last day of my life that used to be.

    I ponder, if all this stuff, dropped into one week, with the purpose to make people aware of a crappy condition, is this really just a celebration in disguise?
    I am bored and tired of the monthly steroid infusion and daily injection of a disease modifier for a condition immune to definition.
    I ponder, silently, never finding an answer to my questions.
    Do I have a disease or a condition?
    Am I handicapped or disabled?
    Should I feel sorry for myself or work harder to gain sympathy?

    Today is hard.
    I look at everyone and my confusion stops.
    This is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week.
    MS, the common link, we share with each other...

    Seven years.
    Seven is the magic number, causing this itch of discontent.
    Why me?

    Is this another stage of acceptance or guilt?
    Am I lucky? one with MS is lucky.
    Does the luck diminish the seriousness of a crappy diagnosis?

    I woke up at 0200 am and went to work.
    I left early, 1045 am to prepare for this lunch.
    I struggled, at work; I was locked out of my was a long 90 minutes.

    It hit me.
    I do not struggle.
    I am drowning in guilt. I do not want to see what might be my future.
    Walkers, canes, chairs and scooters...bed.
    I should call out and forget today...I have an excuse...I have MS.

    In a moment, I forgot my purpose...

    My purpose is AWARENESS.

    I am humbled by this honor to speak, selfishly about myself.
    I tore up my carefully prepared words and I called the hotline for guidance.
    The wise man told me to write down what I was feeling and share it with you.
    The wise man told me that you would understand and the truth is more effective in our world of uncertainty.
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    I have had more time to visit BrownCafe in the recent months, yet I am still embarrassed to admit that I never noticed the MS logo in your avatar... You inspire me to try to be a better person.
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  16. Bubblehead

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    I read this post this morning and felt about 2 foot tall.
    I resolved to try and negotiate my day without the usual chip on my shoulder.
    Thank you AJ for sharing, it gave me some much needed and appreciated perspective.
    I'm proud to know you.
  17. 3 done 3 to go

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    Awsome post upstate! Aj you know you have the thoughts and prayers of all on this site. You will have the strength. As above is mentioned. But when you don't. We are here to talk to.
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    Agreed--You expressed what I was trying to say,without sounding trite...
  19. ajblakejr

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    Do not be embarrassed. My closet is deep and I am always changing.

    I have a few MS things to wear.
    I have a Avatar closet full of NFL gear - I want EVERYONE to notice.
    You might call a Saint.:innocent:

    And thank you for the kind words.
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