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I've administered multiple boards with thousands of members. Forum software having a field for notes about users is normal for administrative purposes. As an example: If you have a new user who you have issues with then restore to normal status, you'd make a note in case the person has an issue later.

I respect and like Ovah, but am surprised he would have ever publicly questioned @cheryl about something like that, especially since he used to be a mod. This type of thing should have been a PM.

Lastly this is a completely different forum software than existed here 8 years ago so this is a moot point.


I started this.
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I'm making a note of this... oh wait... the user notes no longer exist...


Why are you bumping this? Really obnoxious...

I was trying to flush over9five out . A good necropost always gets his attention. A good necropost involving him that brought him back down memory lane got the rascal to log back in.