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    I was skimming through the online edition of my local newspaper when I got to this article. I hope the author of it got some free stamps in return for the UPS/FedEx bashing we get in this. Its an AP story, so the local paper didn't write it.

    Sad thought though, The last 2 items I bought on Ebay were shipped USPS. I think we need to bring down our prices to grab this volume. I had no choice but to use them.,0,7604774.story
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    Volume can never make up the difference on the cost.
    Cost of doing business, on a common standard, is equal to all in the delivery business's.
    The exception is, USPS. They are mandated to exist by the Constitution.
    All they have to do is raise the cost of a stamp to make up the difference in the loss in pkg. delivery.
    Ups,on the other hand, must make a profit to exist and pay taxes on that profit.
    As I have posted before, you can not buy hay for $1.00 a bale and sell them for .99ct's and expect to make a profit on volume.
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    We could have got 100% of the Amazon volume in 1996. That was about 8-10 pcs a day.
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    All of my Amazon ships via UPS. I guess you could call me the Amazon queen against the QVC ladies.
    No shopping in the malls and I get a stop out of it "not that I don't have enough already". Big Cheers to Santa
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    If you're not using a flat-rate box or envelope, however, mailing packages through FedEx or UPS may be slightly cheaper between certain cities.

    One example provided by UPS, for instance, would be shipping a 10-pound package from New York to Los Angeles.

    The cost would be $17.05 with UPS ground delivery vs. $27.55 for priority mail with the postal service.

    HMMMM, I really dont think over 10 dollars cheaper using ups is "slightly cheaper." The post office is always more expensive over 5 pounds than ups. People have just been spoiled with flat rate boxes, but try shipping a 15 bound box with the post office and see how expensive they really are.
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    The article also mentions the cost of insurance. UPS insures the 1st $100 is included. Also try the postal services tracking system. IT SUCKS! The only thing their tracking can tell you is that something was mailed from xyz post office, they can't tell you where it's going, where it is, only when it is delivered or a delivery attemp is made. I believe you also have to wait 60 days before you can make a claim.
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    Amen to that
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    "To save money, pack your own packages."

    Don't tell the people who were going to use UPS to do that... I was never convinced of the "boxes" held together with tape, spilling out nuts and bolts to be efficient....
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    You do know that you have always the right to politely decline to accept their pkg for shipment.
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    I usually ship USPS because it is cheaper.

    This holiday my son sold 3 cases of popcorn to his Uncle in California. I decided to throw our company a bone and use us.

    12lbs, 12lbs and 6lbs. GROUND----$55 and change.

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    I love the people who complain about how much things cost to ship but don't complain on friday when they get paid or when they have to go to the doctor and finally when they retire. Suck it up and send it ups.
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    I sat down with a friend at the UPS Store last year and compared prices. Anything shipped standard ground weighing more than 3lbs. was cheaper with UPS against the USPS. Anything less was cheaper with the USPS. We included the price for tracking and insurance in all the comparisons. Most people, including consumer reports, don't do that. Our tracking is better. Our service is better. Those are the two most important factors that customers consider when choosing a shipper. A smart shopper is usually not willing to risk losing quality to save a little bit of money. Even in today's economy. You get what you pay for.
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    i bought a pcm, shipped via UPS, hopefully it doesnt show up broke. was only ~3 dollars cheaper than usps
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    In UPS's mind, I don't even have the right to give a damn.
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    Grandma just ordered the Grandson his Christmas gift off the internet. Gift cost $100.00---shipping was $78.00. Grandpa just about crapped his pants.:surprised:
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    GRANDPA!!!!! THIS IS NOT 1973 !!!! LOL:happy2: WE WILL BE SENDING YOU SOME DIAPERS USPS CHEAPER!! OK !!! :happy2::happy2::happy2:
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