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  1. Coldworld

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    does ups carry usps mail and pkgs. There was an article on the front of this site about ups chief pilot and him talking on how much mail we ship for them.
  2. Fredly000

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    Yes, we have an agreement with some larger bulk shippers and the USPS
    and we carry what is called UPS Basic, and basically
    we bag up a bunch of smaller packages to be delivered to the USPS
    local facilities, where then rural USPS carriers then deliver them.
  3. Coldworld

    Coldworld Bad mall donut!!!

    im not talking about basic which is a ups service that uses a usps loophole to ups' advantage. Im talking about mail or usps parcels
  4. roach

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    I can't answer that for sure, but if we had "space available" on a flight, we would carry freight on a contract basis (usually on back-hauls where you're basically flying MT, simply to reposition the plane). Likewise, we would contract with other carriers to carry our freight if we were over capacity or facing delays.

    There are a lot of "behind the scenes" deals that go on. For example:

    TOLOH normally picks up its air from DTW (Detroit Metro). Sometimes during peak, LOUKY would by plan (don't know if they still do) fly an overflow bird directly into TOL (Toledo Express) with extra cans on it to get them out earlier. Since UPS doesn't have any facilities at TOL, the bird would go to the FDX complex, they would unload our cans and we would send a 4-hut trailer out to pick them up there. The bird would then continue on up to DTW with nothing but Metro Detroit pkgs on it.

    Does UPS carry USPS mail and packages? If it's profitable, and doesn't compromise service to our customers, it wouldn't suprise me in the least.