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    Where do I find out how much time I have? I started as a PT sup last year and I used one discretionary day. There is no list of vacation or discretioanry days on my paycheck. HR says to go to UPSers. The only thing I find there is general vacation time that gives examples based on how long you have worked there. If I forget how many days I used where can I get my personal information?
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    you get 5 per year, unlimited sick days. doesn't change only vacation time
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    What does your last paycheck say? Hourly checks show VAC OPD and OPW on bottom of earrings and deduction page. If you have DD and don't get a paper check it should be on the check shown online.
  4. If you go to and log in go to my workplace ( I think ) or my life and career if not ., and then to paycheck and you should be able to pull up the last one available .
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    Lot of hourly advice here. It appears that the OP is a supe. I would ask another supe where to find that info. Hourlys are not going to be able to offer any useful advice.
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    There is no set number of days like with hourlies. Your FT/Manager decides how many days you can use per year, typically five discretionary days, sometimes more. They don't roll over or get paid out at the end of the year so it is best to use them up when you can. To find out how many discretionary days you have used, check in PTRS under the records tab (I think that is what it is called) and then select employee record. Your full timer can check in PTRS as well to see how many days you have used this year.
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    you can find how many days you have used in your PTRS