Vacation changes in contract?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ups clerk, Sep 11, 2013.

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    Okay I have also been hearing rumors...and I truly hope it is a rumor. In the present contract...the old one...when somebody took a vacation on a holiday week...Labor Day, 4th of July etc, the person got paid an extra day...the 5 days plus the holiday pay. Now I hear that the company is changing that...that if we take a vacation that lands on a holiday we would get 5 days pay...the holiday pay and the four days following it.
    Your thoughts...I hope I am hearing wrong, because I am one of those guys that takes vacation on a holiday week to get that extra pay.
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    You'd have to look at your supplement or rider. Vacations are not covered in the national I do not believe.
  3. PiedmontSteward

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    I'm almost certain there were no changes in the master regarding vacations. The only change to vacations under my supplement was allowing more weeks to be taken during the month of November.
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    Rumor is they are going to give those bonus days to feeder drivers to use while others just receive the standard vacation week.

    FNN is never wrong.
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    Wouldn't be legal. Per contract u are paid for holiday. Will be same as always. No worries
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    I heard the 22.3's talking about something on Vacations.
    Like if the holiday did fall during the week of vacation, they use to take an extra day off the next week? Now can't or now they have to, something like that... I am guessing... IDK
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    Day owed. Same as always.
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    What do you mean, "extra pay"? Pretty much everyone is off on holidays and gets paid for it anyways.
  10. RealPerson

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    You get paid a SET amount of hours per vacation week. If a Holliday is during that week, you get Paid your set hours PLUS the holiday pay. This is from what I understand.
    Then you work the next week.. Some people are saying you only work 4 days the following week.

    All I have heard is chatter, IDK what each Local does.....
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    Here it's 45 hours vacation plus 8 holiday. If you took the week of Thanksgiving you get 45 vacation plus 16 holiday.
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    If you take thanksgiving week off. You are working two extra days for the devil!
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    All I've heard is they are making it 2 weeks that you can use as floating days instead of just one as it is now.