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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by oakley20, May 17, 2015.

  1. oakley20

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    Hi all. I started driving full-time July 21, 2014. When I picked my vacations last year they said I had 4 vacation weeks (1 optional) because I started with UPS in June 2006. I was on vacation this previous week and again this upcoming week (optional vac). However, I never got paid for this 2nd week. On my paycheck it said I had 50 hours of vacation pay which was I was paid for for this week. So my question is because I started driving last year, am I only allowed 1 vacation week for the first year? As of now they expect me to be on vacation this week as well as 2 weeks later in the year. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. ManInBrown

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    Here when you go PT to FT they pay out all banked vacation weeks right away. They don't allow Vacations the first year you are FT. Or at least it's highly discouraged. Are you sure you weren't paid out earlier on them and didn't notice?
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    Yeah I'm pretty sure. I was a part-time sup before I went driving and they messed up my pay from the beginning. I didn't get paid for my first full week until months later and they just started taking out union dues this past week. I don't know if it's all related or not.
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    That makes you a new hire, off the street, you shouldn't have any vacation time at all.
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    Sometimes option b weeks aren't paid until after august but you get the time off earlier as scheduled.
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    So I guess I have 2 choices: take my final 3 weeks and not get paid for them or tell my superiors who told me I have 4 weeks that I don't deserve any of them. But then why did I get 1 week for 50 hours?