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    So today is my 1 year seniority date I started working at UPS a year ago, I was told that for new employees that they don't get paid for vacation until after a there year comes up. But new employees are still able to take 2 week vactions. I was told by allot of management that once my year comes up I would be paid for the vacation time that I already took, so here we are I looked up my pay check at upsers but saw nothing and now I am worried, I was really looking forward to that check. I just want to make sure that I would be paid for my vacation if not I was lied to and I would just took my vacation after my year was up if I knew this.

    please help me out!
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    You will not be paid for any vacation that you took previous to your one year anniversary. Any time taken after year 1 you will be paid for.......ask your steward for a contract book it is all in there.
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    It sounds to me like you were lied to (not uncommon) to get you "off the books" or a week or two. Management will do this to the uninformed to make their numbers look good. You should get paid for vacations you took after 1 year of service, though.

    Question: does your pay check show any vacation time now that you passed 1 year? 1w/2w etc? It may take an extra week or two to show up in your check once you pass one year, so be patient if that is the case.
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    can't I file a grievance if I was lied to...I went up to them months ago and ask them straight up if I was going to be paid for the vacation time and they looked me in thew eye and said yes once my year comes up I would be paid for that time.

    if they lied to me ....someone has to be in trouble.

    someone said they changed the rule in August of 2008.
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    At the grievance hearing the liars that lied to you will just lie again and say they never told you such information:angry:. Welcome to UPS.
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    Sounds to me as if management chose the right words to throw u into an easy misinturpetation, what they said to was correct in essence you will be paid for vacation after a year... (what they didnt say here was if you take it after a year) leaving u room to assume you could go on vacation early and be paid at your seniority which will more than likely not happen but look at the bright side even if were lied to now you have a legit week or 2 of vaca that they cant stop you from takin n they HAVE to pay you this time and as previously stated welcome to UPS it will not be the final lie you ever hear here <(example of the UPS way of playing on words)
  7. BlueBelt24

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    no they did not leave room for me to assume anything, they told me I would receive a check after my year for the vacation time I took, even the HR guy told me the same thing. So yea.
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    You don't happen to have that in writing, do you? This would greatly help your grievance.
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    ok if this is true I am hoping you guys are just mis informed because I' m guess ing most of you have been at UPS for numerous years and know nothing about the new rule for new employees...but if they did lie to me I have something for them then, no more working hard everyday I am going out my way now to steal their money everyday of my don't know how :censored2: off I am right now.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We do know about the new rule and do know that you are basically out of luck and, if you do follow through on your slow down plan, soon to be out of a job.
  11. UnsurePost

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    Do not get mad yet

    Like I said, wait another week or two for the vacation weeks to show up.

    Unfortunately, you do not get paid any holidays, vacation weeks, or option days for one (1) year.

    After one year, those days and weeks will show up in your paycheck stub at the bottom.

    IT MAY TAKE ANOTHER WEEK OR TWO for those days and (1) week to go through payroll and show inside your paycheck. For instance, benefit days roll over May 1st every year ( at least here in NE), yet the paycheck does not recognize the days until after the 2nd or 3rd paycheck in May! (something to do with payroll, not sure what the exact reason is)

    So once that occurs for you, which again may be delayed , at that point you will either (1) get the week paid or (2) need to ask your supervisor to get the process started to get paid for the week you HAD taken.
  12. User Name

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    Wow,,,,,,,,,25 hours at 8.50 an hour = not alot of money,,,,, people kill me with not having no money... Soounds like you will not last long as most of the people have given you good advice... Good luck on you 180.00...LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    BlueBelt24, vacation policy is covered in the Supplement of your Contract. Every Supplement may be a bit different, so we would need to know which regional supplement you are under.

    Normally, to take a vacation, you must select from the few remaining available weeks on a Vacation Selection Sheet that is passed around during a specific month of the year. You are told how many weeks you are eligible for, and when you become eligible for them. Selection goes by seniority. Did you go through this process??? If so there should be a paper trail.
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    sounds to me you got screwed dont feel bad though happened to me to after i made a year i took my 2 weeks of vacation which i was entitled to,then somewhere between that time and my 2nd year my full time sup tells me i have a another week to take or i will lose not knowing at that time that management does not always know best took the week but didnt get paid for it.i never had it coming in the first place dont know if i was lied to or just a screw up on there part.talked to my union rep at the time said nothing could be done.learning experience here never do anything without talking to union stewert first.
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    In my area we can not roll over any vacation. A check is cut the first week of December to pay off any vacation, or option days, that are not taken. Maybe your manager was talking about this.