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  1. brownout33

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    So, last week was my paid vacation and I go back to work today but I realized last week that technically I only received 4 days of vacation sinced the 4th of July is a day off for, technically that wasn't a vacation day. Should I be entitled to another day of vacation? Thanks in advance.
  2. p228

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    You got paid for 5 days vacation and you will get paid for the holiday. Unless you agreed to a day off with your management team on Monday they will code you no call.
  3. rocket man

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    file article 17 pay shortage you will know the correct answer with in minutes after you file.
  4. upsman68

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    You should get paid for 5 days vacation plus the get paid a day for the holiday. I know that happens when I take a vacation with a holiday. You should be able to check your paystub this Friday.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    He should have been able to check his paystub two weeks before the Friday of his vacation week. I was also off the week of the 4th and got my vacation check on 6/22. I was paid for 5 days plus the holiday.
  6. UPSGUY72

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  7. I thought vacation pay was 1/52 of last years gross annual pay, so it's not broken down by days, unless it's a week of option days.

    However, the 4th of July should have paid 1 day of holiday pay on top of the vacation pay, unless you have been employed for less than 1 year.
  8. Johney

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    Not sure how it is for P/T,but F/T vacation is 45 hours straight time and like Upstate had off 1 day extra of holiday pay.
  9. Cementups

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    I don't remember what PT vacation pay is but FT vacation pay is 45 hours at your regular hourly rate.
  10. BlackCat

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    Must be a regional thing? Here it is 1/52 of last years earnings as well
  11. Jackburton

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    Wish we had that here as I'd get around 300 bucks more on my vacation check.
  12. Cementups

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  13. Loufan

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    You probably won't get another day unless you asked for it when you were filling out your vacation papers. I remember one of my co workers taking a vacation week on Memorial Day week and he just asked if he could have the previous Friday or that next Monday off and he got that day off no problem.
  14. Big Babooba

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    Vacation time varies by supplement. In the New England Supplement a full time employee gets 40 hours (part timer gets 20 hours) straight time or 1/52 of the previous calendar year's gross pay - Whichever is greater. If a holiday falls on the vacation week they are entitled to the holiday pay in addition to their vacation pay (8 hours straight time for a full timer and 4 hours for a part timer).

  15. brownrod

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    In my local you are entitled to an unpaid day off to make up for the holiday. Scheduled like an option day.
  16. BlackCat

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    I wish that were the language here. I was on short term disability a few years ago for a pretty substantial amount of time (4months) Needless to say my gross income was not that high. Next year my vacation checks were all 1/52 of the following years gross (6 months)
  17. brownmonster

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    I might have to bring up vacation pay at our proposal meeting next week. Big time pay cut taking a week off. 45 hours straight time versus 52+ straight and time and half.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I get a pay raise whenever I go on vacation.
  19. brownmonster

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    I'm not in the B of G.
  20. bottomups

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    I'm in the same boat as you are, as well as the same local. I gross between 5 and 6 hundred dollars a week less when on vacation. Not that I'm complaining, the time off is priceless!