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    What's up, my fellow upsers. I've got an odd situation with an illiterate management staff to help me. My vacation was supposedly set up at the beginning of the year like everyone else. On this year's vacation list I'm nowhere to be found. I asked my FT sup about it and he claims it's because I was a TCD, but the other TCD's are still on this list. I also won a temp bid as an exceptions clerk soon after peak so I'm currently under the center. I figured this had something to do with it. No one on the management team can give me an answer about my vacation or give me the time of day when I try to get it fixed. I need to have it set up so I can make my vacay plans. What's my next step here? I don't want to be a d*** but seems like I need to be one.
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    -How long have you worked for UPS?

    -Did you sign up for a specific vacation week or weeks late last year like all of the other boys and girls?

    TCD has no influence (and no idea what a temp clerk bid is) on your PT classification or benefits. Including vacations.
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    I've worked there for 3.5 years. We don't do it that way. Around the first week of January a PT sup comes around with a list and asks people what weeks they want. There's no bidding because we only have about 45 on the twilight shift.
    The temp bid came up because the current clerk was having surgery and milked it for 3 months so they bidded his position until he got back.
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    Never heard about bidding temp vacancies, but anyways, you would be on the clerk vacation list now.
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    Why would you bid on vacation. Your time is based on how long you been there. What weeks you get is based on seniority vs someone else.
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    Just take July off. Any problems? Just tell them to call Wally.
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    It wasn't a vacation bid, it was a bid on a clerk position. The guy was going to be out for a few months. I guess taking that position messed up my vacation.
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    You pick vacations by seniority......yes. You bid positions by seniority.....yes. You may be on another vacation pick list.
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    Temp bids are common here. Anything over 30 days can be bid.
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    TCD's bid their vacation days with FT drivers, for obvious reasons.
    If you're now working in the hub, I'm not the least bit surprised your vacation selection has been lost in the shuffle. Probably best to get your steward involved if they won't honor your selection.