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  1. chonky

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    I was curious what kind of vacation does UPS offer for their employees and when they say for instance a driver tops off at 28.50 at 4yrs, does that mean they cant make no more than that even if the end up working for 20yrs there?
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    Vacations go 1 yr= 1 week,2 yrs=2 weeks,10 yrs=3 weeks,15 yrs=4 weeks, 20 yrs= 5 weeks. A yearly pay raise is factored into the contract. Did I miss anything? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  3. SmithBarney

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    Vacations Vary;
    In my area, after 1 year(no vacations) you get 2 weeks, after 3 you get 3 weeks, then I don't think I get any more vacation until 7 years?

    Pay top rates, have been negotiated in the contract, so it goes up every year
    with COLA raises, the contract ends 2008, so things may or may not change in that regard.
    A driver tops out in our area in 2.5 years. with 6 mo incrimental raises
  4. helenofcalifornia

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    Here in Norcal we get 6 weeks after 10 years of service (SWEET!!!!).
  5. dragracer66

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    That sound's like a bunch of B/S. You have to be here 25yrs for that kind of number. Who are you kiddding!!!
  6. rocket88

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    Ohio, Central States;
    Article 16
    All employees who meet the eligibility rules herein set forth shallbe entitled to a vacation with pay as follows:

    One (1) Year = 1 Week
    Two (2) Years = 2 Weeks Eight (8) Years = 3 Weeks
    Fifteen (15) Years = 4 Weeks
    Twenty (20) Years = 5 Weeks
    Twenty-five (25) Years = 6 Years

    acation pay shall be computed by multiplying 45 times the employee's straight time hourly rate.

    In addition to the above schedule, any senority employee having completed his/her eligibility year shall receive 1 additional week of vacation with 50 straight-time hours pay January 1st of each year.
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    Your "topout pay" simply means that a fulltime driver who is topped out will make 28.50 at the end of that contract. when the next contract is negotiated it may change and will say the top out amount will be xx.xx at the end of this period.

    You will still receive raises each year if the contract specifies this. The term "topout" is mainly just contractual verbage. If you are not a "topped out" driver you will also probably only get a % of the raise that a topped out driver gets. At least that's how it's done in my area.

    Another great deal that the REAMSTERS got you starting full time drivers.
  8. dragracer66

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    Hey Gman....It's because of the teamsters you make what you do!! Go work for another trucking company and try to make what you do here!!! Some of you candy as$ package and feeder guy's make me laugh, you guy's have no conception of what it's like to work for another company that pay's crap and and on top of that makes you pay for health and welfare. And if it's a nonunion co go head and mouth off to the boss or have your little accident's and see where you will be working tomorrow!!! I know people that drive truck's for other companies and would die for a chance to work here!!! So the next time you want to question your union look at the big picture!!!
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    If there was no Teamster local 804 in NY I can bet the house 90% of the drivers with over 20 years would be gone. OH WAIT......Newsflash....
    UPS does not age discriminate. There also wouldnt be any 30% pension cut either, most guys would get the boot before its time to retire. The rich keep getting richer and the middle class still struggle to get by.
  10. ja4079

    ja4079 ja4079

    amen to that post, central states wouldn't be in a mess either
  11. satellitedriver

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    Come on down and lick some sugar off my candy(expletive). You are telling me I have no concept of working non-union. Well sugar, you are wrong. The reamsters take from UPSER'S far more than they give. 40 cents on the dollar given back to UPS employees for benefit money recieved by the reamsters from UPS. What a sweet deal.
    So if your a reamster, it is OK to mouth off at your boss?
  12. dragracer66

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    You know I'm right that's why you got so upset..If parcel and your union is so bad go work somwhere else and make what you make there and yea "some" not all of you guy's are candy as$'s
  13. Gman24

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    Dragracer66, Yes I am dogging the REAMSTERS, but you somewhat misunderstand my point. When I first became a driver, about 13 years ago, the TEAMSTERS started allowing UPS to hire drivers and use them as "cover drivers" in order to keep from hiring them as FULLTIMERS. I was the first of the cover drivers in my area under this new contract. I drove for about 2 years at FULLTIME hours but was still considered PART TIME. The drivers who went full time before me, 1 was less than a year before me, if they drove just 30 days in a 90 day period they were automatically put on as FULLTIME STATUS and they topped out in I believe 90 days. Now it takes in some areas 4 years to top out in some areas as the original poster stated.

    That is my point. I realize there has to be some give and take in contract situations. But there comes a point where WE, UNION DUES PAYERS, have to realize that we are being sold out more and more by our supposed representation.

    Examples are being brought up more and more every week on this forum, the writing is on the wall and some just don;t see what's going on. AS I have said in previous posts, I am not a UNION BASHER, I am just a TEAMSTERS Basher. You see I was sold out 13 years ago, It didn't take me 13 years to figure it out either.
  14. AznDiablo

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    wow 4 years?
  15. dragracer66

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    Gman...You guy's negoticated and voted in that contract not parcel they only follow what it say's. I don't follow how anybody can be sold out on a contract you guy's voted in!!! When your contract is up next year get the casual driver language taken out any anything else that take's money out of full timer's pocket's..
  16. Gman24

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    I GIVE UP Dragracer66!!!! I do not expect you to agree with me and I do respect you for that. But, I still don't think you see my point. It goes way back further than the last contract, and before that one, etc. IN 97, the TEAMSTERS didn't even allow us to vote on what UPS offered us, the second REAL offer after we STRUCK. Remember the priority mail packets they sent all of us, (if you were around in 97). I still have mine. The TEAMSTERS just laughed at it. LOOKING AT IT NOW, the TEAMSTERS are eating crow on that one . SATTELLITEDRIVER can tell you about it, I know he remembers it as well.

    If your mechanic language (in the contract book) is like the language in our area, I think you guys have about 1 page ( a couple of paragraphs of articles), I would be raising heck why you guys don't get more language to cover yourselves. The mechanics at my center sure do. I have seen several mechanics fired at my center and didn;t get their job back, simply because there was no language to cover them.
  17. rapidrandall

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    We get 6 weeks after 25 years, plus an optional week for a total of 7 weeks max. New drivers progress to top pay after two and a half years.
  18. dragracer66

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    Gman...Are your mechanic's teamster's or machinist's, because our contract is basically a carbon copy of the teamster's with the exception of health and welfare. I do understand your point you guy's ultimately put your union rep's the postion they are in. They were voted in by majority of you guy's and gal's. Vote them out the next time it's time for election's. Here in metro phila that happened about 6 years ago. And yes I was here for the last contract and the 97 fiasco I'll have 19yrs in march. I'm also the chief steward for this district so I do have alot of experience in both union's since I do deal with both quite often. But to get back to the orignal topic of this thread If you don't like what you have you need to start fresh and vote in a new slate. Peace!!!!:thumbup1:
  19. satellitedriver

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    It is not because you are right that I am "upset", it was you called every driver a candy (expletive). Parcel is great , it is the reamster union management that "HOOVERS". The "REAMSTERS" is not my union. I quit them in 1997.
    Gman is correct.
    I was cleaning out my files this weekend and reread the full contract proposal made by UPS in 1997. It was just as I remembered. The "REAMSTERS" won that strike and UPS employees lost.
    I assume you are a knuckle buster, so remember left is loose and right is tight. That only works if you are looking at the bolthead, reverse the instructions if you are working from the thread end.
    As a side note. I went to the Central States website and did the calculations for my retirement benefits.
    What a sweet deal.
    After 25 years of service, where UPS contributes $238.00 a week to my pension.
    Minus federal tax and the healthcare cost I have to pay to the "REAMSTERS".
    I get $394.07 a week.
    Oh, I almost forgot. Even if I work at another job that is not on the "REAMSTER" restricted employment list. I can only work 18.48 hrs a week.
    Now, how could I be so foolish as not to be satisfied with the "REAMSTERS".
  20. NI1

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    14 years here and I get 6 weeks:cool: