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  1. ok my question is...i reschueled my vacation to be a week earlier than it originally was...and now my supervisor tells me my vacation paycheck will be a week there anything that can be done about that?
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    yes they can fix it. I did the same thing. They can send in a payroll correction. Hes lying if he says he cant help you.
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    Vacations are not supposed to be changed. It is a courtesy if we do so. In this case you may not have a problem since vacation checks are usually cut two weeks early.
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    by the way we get shot , butchered , quartered and shot again for payroll corrections.
  5. thanks for the help guys
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    I don't want to sound condescending but my first thought/question is, are you living paycheck to paycheck? If not cut them some slack it's a mistake, and if you are then maybe some financial planning help like a credit union or something might help.:mellow:
  7. i do live paycheck to paycheck..the only reason i was asking if anything can be done is im going to see some friends in september and i really needed that paycheck..otherwise it wouldnt be a big deal.
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    Your manager can contact payroll and have your check sent out the same day by Next Day Air to your home. If he tells you this can't be done it may because he doesnt want to, ie, bad relationship between the two of you. Once they allowed you to change your vacation week it became thier responsibility to contact payroll about the change. Since they didn't do this, I would think they have the contractual obligation to make this correction a priority. I don't have my contract book handy, but I know I've read it in the past that they must send this check to you via Next Day Air to your home, but it may be a supplemental, instead of master language.
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    If you want to change your vac. it is easy to do,and get paid on the week you want. Your supervisor has to go in Time and Labor and bring up the vac calander, remove the week you 1st picked and then pick the new week, you said it was in Sept. so this is an easy fix. And do not listen to that bone head happybob, the contract it not needed in this case, he would get a green check for you sent to your house that is taxed at 33% and do not think you want that. That contract is for ****y employees to hide behind. Slso,the contract is also why FedEX is killing us.

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    The check doesnt have to be a green check, bonehead, and contractually is not supposed to be taxed at a higher rate, bonehead. They cut your regular vacation check and send it to your house. If you read his original post he was told by his manager that his check would be late. Sounds like a manager that doesnt want to fix the problem, for what reason I don't understant, since it's a easy as you say it is. If the manager doesnt want to fix the problem then it would only appear that he has a problem with doing his job and will only fix the problem when his feet are put to the fire. Invoke your contractual rights when its needed to make him do his job. Sounds like 20 smoke may have smoked too many if he thinks it's hiding behind the contract when you ask a manager to do his job and he doesn't want to. Point out to your manager the quick and easy fix that smoke has mentioned and see where it gets you. If it gets him to fix the problem, great. If he still says he cant, invoke your rights under the contract.

    As for fedex kicking our butts. Last time I checked the profits being made at UPS far and away kick fedexes ass.

    Smoke another one, bonehead.
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    Keep humping those pkgs unhappy boob, I mean Bob ::censored2::
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    Sounds to me like your supervisor isn't exactly sure how the system works behind the scenes and was trying to cover his anatomy by the disclaimer (he knows you will get your vacation check for the regularly scheduled vacation).

    If you saw him make the change in the system and it is at least 3 weeks before the earliest date of your vacation, then you will get your check like usual. The system automatically updates all the way to payroll as long as the change is made ahead of time as the vacation checks are cut early (independent of the regularly scheduled paychecks).

    In your case, since you are moving your vacation up one week, you would need to notify and have the change made in the system four weeks from your regularly scheduled vacation or three weeks from your desired date.

    So, if your vacation is in September, or mid-August for that matter, you will be good to go!

    BTW, UPS is the first place I've ever worked where you got your vacation check before you left.... every place else, you received it just like other payroll checks or a week later. So, while the system is a bonus (to have your $ to go on vacation with!), it is outside the regular payroll system and therefore the time allowance is needed when changes are to be made.
  14. well i talked to my sup and he said im gonna get it a week earlier now but thats better than a week late lol so thanks for yalls help.