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  1. WhatsAloadstand

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    I just hit my year, but I'm confused about my vacation. I get a week off, but my check says I only have 12 hrs pay for vacation. Is that right? I thought I would get 3 1/2 a day for total of 17.5.
  2. Brown_Noser

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    I’m assuming you’re a part-timer due one week of vacation.

    If so, you may be looking at the wrong thing. Normally vacation is listed in days so you should see on your pay stub: VAC 5.00 D.

    If however you see: OTH 12.00 H, then you are actually looking at your total sick days for the year.

    You get 3 sick days at 4 hours per day = 12.00 H. If you don’t see the above, then something is wrong so see HR or your steward.

    You also might be in a region different from mine. Different locals have different amount of sick days etc.

    Also the 3.5 hours is the minimum amount of work UPS is required to give you if you're in the union but vacation and sick days are usually more.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Vacation is listed in hours on your paystub, not days.
  4. Brown_Noser

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    I think it's different based on the region you're in.

    My vacation weeks are definitely listed in days, not hours.

    I'm in the northeast.
  5. bottomups

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    My paystub shows 245. Wish it were days!:happy-very:
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    My pay stub shows that I have 6.00 W vacation, 24 H OPD and 40 H Other. I'm in New England.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You would think that something this basic would be standard throughout the country.
  8. Big Babooba

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    Variety is the spice of life!
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    You do not get a week off this year. Vacation runs Jan-Dec the 12 hrs are what you qualified for last year and can take now. You will get a full week next year.
  10. rkctkc

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    Part time gets 4 hours per day vacation. Your pay check reflects hours not days. In order to achieve the full week you are entitled to you must work 156 days in the year prior. Otherwise it will be prorated by how many reports you had.
  11. rkctkc

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    You are still going to get the entire week off but only paid for 3 days
  12. Nimnim

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    This information is correct. You earned a partial vacation through reports with your first year. Since you didn't officially have vacation available yet they probably never came around to schedule one most likely. If they did you'll only get paid that partial amount for the week. If they didn't you can ask your FT sup if it would be possible to put in 3 days of vacation for you to take, or you should have the balance paid out by the end of the year. Next year your check should have a full 20 hours of vacation available and they should come to you to schedule it sometime during Oct/Nov. Some areas schedule differently, but that's the timeframe for me in the southern region.
  13. bleedinbrown58

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    I'm in vacation and sick days are listed in hrs on my paystub. But i'm assuming you didn't work enough days last year to get the full 20 hrs.
  14. Baba gounj

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    My pay stub shows the same , but in small black print .
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    This was one of the things we talked about constantly in Payroll. When I was processing weekly payroll, I remember some locals paid FT vacation at 40 hours, some paid at 45 hours, some paid at 1/52 of the sum of the prior 52 weeks' earnings, and so on. (The 1/52 rule is great for employees with a lot of overtime and horrible for anyone who was out on leave or gets laid off regularly.)

    Some got their time banked on their anniversary date, some got theirs on Jan 1 each year, some were based on the number of months worked, some were based on the number of reports, some get an option week, some have the choice to combine option days and sick days to make an extra goes on and on. One local I paid got their birthday as a paid day (but they could take the day whenever they wanted). Amazing variances across the country and now that the districts have consolidated, Payroll has to be extra careful because they'll have people from different local riders in the same district.
  16. WhatsAloadstand

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    Yea i found out dont actually get it till next year, however they did give me a week off of my choosing.
  17. probellringer

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    great..a happy ending--i love happy endings
  18. TooTechie

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    Jan to Dec? what company do you work for? We're May to May.
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    Jan to Dec also * May to May? * What company do you work for?
  20. bottomups

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    Jan to Dec here for vacations but our optional days run from May to May.