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    When do you get your next week of vacation? Do you get to take your next week of vacation after your seniority date on your 8th,15th,20th, and 25th year? Or, do you have to wait until the following Jan 1(Dec. 26 actually)?

    Example: When the vacation schedule went up in Nov after my 7th anniversary, I was given 3+1 weeks of vacation for the following year. I was told I couldn't take my final week until after my seniority date(Oct.) Same thing happened on my 15th year as well. Now, I just passed my 19th anniversary but the schedule shows I only get 4+1 weeks of vacation next year. Is this correct or should I get to take 5+1 weeks in 2014?

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    If you hit your 20th year in October you should get another week of vacation scheduled after your seniority date. Same thing they did with me.
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    4 years at 19. Then after 20 you get your +1 so you have to take that pick after your October seniority date.
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    What happens is seniority date is end of December? How do you get extra week after that? (This question likely should be a new thread and yes you can gain seniority at end of December.)