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    Sorry, told you earlier, debt needs to be paid off. And higher or new taxes are on thier way forsure.
    Doesn't surprise me at all.

    Think on the brighter side. Vat tax is fair.
    The more you spend on goods, the more you pay. Very simple.
    It effects everyone.
    Beats an income tax hike (so the Lucifers freeloaders), don't get away from it, either.
  3. brett636

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    Its too bad the fairtax isn't being considered. Would accomplish the same thing, but replace the income tax. The problem with it is it removes too much power from Washington, and every good democrat knows we can't stand for that.
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    I KNOW that things have to be paid for.....that's what we've been SCREAMING to the Demonic-rats all along !! How come they don't know it.

    Obama would do a Fair Tax and have it run concurrent to the Vat Tax and the Income Tax.....because he's a money driven narcissist!!
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    such a tax would be sure to stifle consumer spending. thats why they want to tax energy its not as discretionairy as other consumer items.
  6. bbsam

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    How about this. 1% tax on all transactions not subject to any deductions for business or otherwise. Add to that 1% decrease in all federal spending (including defense and social security). Over 10 years do we cut into the deficit? We may as well face the fact that this is going to cost everyone and it may as well because we've all (dem and rep) been abusing the credit card for far too long. Or we could just push it off to the next generation.
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    When my household would get in trouble in the past, we quit the excessive spending and I remember my kids saying, "oh no, we're on soup & sandwiches again!" That's because that's what NORMAL people do when finances go awry. The government won't quit the over- spending. They would all flunk basic household bugets in high school.
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    The difference is the government has the power to force you to pay them more money, which is why they can spend more than they take in and refuse to cut their budget. They will put a gun to your head and tell you to pay up or else, and this is why we need less government in our lives as the bigger it grows the more ominous it becomes demanding more of our labor for their excessive tendencies.