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    couldn't find anything about this in the forum:

    i am a package handler and have been employeed for less than 3 weeks. my supervisor came up to me and asked if i wanted to shift vehicles for an hour after my shift (midnights) and for 2-3 hours on friday nights (as there is no preload). i agreed, and did a bit of training getting use to the piece of **** P5's (very few of them left, thankfully).

    i will not be doing the 20 hour driver training. am i entitled to extra pay without the course? with the course?
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    I don't think the pay is any different, but just don't scratch a truck its still an accident for the drivers list.:ohmy:
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    k :thumbup1:

    cubes are easy to move. you just gotta go slow and know your surroundings.
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    Hoser you shift and bitch about the piece of s*** 500. Try driving one 50000 miles a year for 17 years then we can talk. I say you dont last til Nov.
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    um...... 3 weeks OTJ and the "extra work" is going to you, be thankful, no one has filed a grievence..............
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    not suppose to touch vehicles with out dot card:confused:1
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    DOT card is needed for public roads only. You also have no hours restriction (60 or 70) unless you go on the road.
  8. I agree with Teamsterdan, our regional contract actually states "Part-time employees will be permitted to move vehicles other than tractor trailers within the confines of the Employer's property, only for the purpose of avoiding a delay in their work, except when drivers are available and not working." "Where there are full-time employees or combination full-time employees in the car wash classification, part-time employees will not drive."

    As for pay there are only two different part-time pay scales:
    Preloader/Sorter, and All Other.
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    woah, easy there.... i'll last until the end of 2007 at least

    our senority list has 51 people. to get to the top 10, i have to stay there for 8 months. my city has problems finding people to do $18/hr jobs, i doubt people are going to greive me getting an extra hour a night at 3am to shift a couple trucks. besides, i was the only employee that jumped to it

    i'm in canada

    i shift at the end of my work day, which is at 2am. we're the only guys left.