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  1. gimmeabreak

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    It sure is a disappointment when the system fails one of its own. This Amazon return was supposed to be picked up on 12/28 and never was. The exception status,
    NOT READY FOR PICKUP ON THE 1ST ATTEMPT, is BS since the package was waiting on my doorstep since 12/27. When I called 1800pickUPS they couldn't tell me any info at all. And it's now Jan 2 and a second or third attempt was never made. I can only imagine how many times this happens to our customers.

    Your package has experienced an exception.
    Tracking Information Tracking Number:1Z7R23Y62676684608 Status: Exception [​IMG]
    See description below
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    we don't deserve to work for UPS
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    Did you leave a note stating that this was the pkg to be picked up? It creates a real mess if we assume a package is a pickup and it's not. This may be why the package wasn't picked up. I've had call tags where customers just leave a box with no info on it. What would you do?
  4. UPSGUY72

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    You work for UPS ? What exactly do you do ? Becasue if your a package car driver why don't you just tell the person on your route where you left the package or bring it to him the next time you see him.

    Is the return in the original box ? With a a note saying UPS Pickup or return. Was the box tape up with something more than scotch tape? What is even in a box ? Are there multiply box in the sme place? Was the Box in a place where you would have to trip over it or in a place that you really need to be looking in order to see it? I could go on but I think you might have gotten the picture.

    If you work the preload or local sort you could bring the package to aclerk and they could print another call tag for you.
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  5. over9five

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    I'm with you. I've gone to p/u packages and found an unlabeled box on the porch when no-ones home. No way would I take it, who knows if it's the right box.
  6. stevetheupsguy

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    Why not take it in to work with you the next time you go in and resolve the problem yourself? If it's an ARS/RS label, you can hand it to any driver you see or drop it at any pack and ship place that is UPS authorized. If you're waiting on a call tag, take the advice of previous posters and leave it outside your door with a note attached. Problem Solved!
  7. Ghost in the Darkness

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    I had a call tag in December to pick up a package from a residence that gets deliveries almost daily. When I get there I find the package I think is the one they intend to send... of course there is nobody home to confirm. I was convinced its the correct package because weight is the same and has the same return address as the shipper of the original package. They never leave packages outside from the previous day and I remember delivering the original a few days prior. So I slap the call tag on and leave the receipt and head on my way.
    I get a message 6 hrs later saying I picked up the replacement part and they needed it re-delivered. So I was a little too efficient for my own good... point is don't assume the customer is always on the ball... quite often they are not.
  8. gimmeabreak

    gimmeabreak Guest guys are kidding right? of course I left a note on the box, wrote on the box, and left another note on the side door just in case...I couldn't make it any clearer. Why go on the defensive as you have all done? Why not get to the root of the problem? Why blame the customer?

    It was a call tag and I do not work in preload, sort, or package. I assumed the driver would do what he is supposed to do and pick up the package. And can you explain why there was no second or third attempt? This is a common complaint of many customers.

    Also on the note was a message to REFUSE a package from AUDI because it was a duplicate. That package was delivered but the return to Amazon was ignored.

    Is the customer really the problem?

    and to answer UPSGUY72----
    Is the return in the original box ? YES
    With a a note saying UPS Pickup or return. YES
    Was the box tape up with something more than scotch tape? YES
    What is even in a box ? YES
    Are there multiply box in the sme place? NO
    Was the Box in a place where you would have to trip over it? NO
    In a place that you really need to be looking in order to see it? NO
    I could go on but I think you might have gotten the picture. DO YOU GET THE PICTURE?
  9. ideliver2u67

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    It might of been an rs1. Only 1 attempt is required on those call tags. And perhaps he did not see the package on that first attempt.
  10. gimmeabreak

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    he must have seen it because he delivered the AUDI package the same day AMAZON was to be picked up....

  11. Dustyroads

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    You ask, what could have happened with the second attempt. Well, here is a possible explanation. Perhaps when the driver returned to the building after the first day with the calltag, he placed it with the send again tags, and he never saw it again. Without having it in his diad, since it was not scanned on the preload, he really couldn't be expected to just come by and pick it up. Without the tag, he could do nothing with your package. Maybe the tag showed up a couple days later, perhaps it got buried in paper in the office, but on the 31st we didn't make any ground pickups, so no attempt was made. And, we haven't had a delivery day since the holiday. This could possibly be an explanation. I have a question, however, how did you obtain the tracking number of the call tag? I see a service level code of 26 on that tracking number...anyone know right off what type of tag that is? Bottom line, this isn't brain surgery, the failure to pick up your package happened in a week between two major holidays, I'm sure it will be picked up Monday. If not, why not just make a quick call to the center, give the tracking number, and try not to make a federal case out of it.
  12. over9five

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    If no one's home, don't you leave the RS1 tag? Once again, my Package memory is fading.
  13. gimmeabreak

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    I just keep hearing more excuses for a service failure and blame laid on the customer, the holidays, etc...I am not blaming the driver. I am trying to bring to light that this happens more than we'd like to acknowledge and causes some customers to look elsewhere for their shipping needs.

    AMAZON provided the tracking #.

    Do you have a phone # for the Spring Valley center?
  14. UPSGUY72

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    Just Curious what do you do for UPS?

    The problem here appears to be you. It appears you could have made this more clearer. The problem is that everyone wants to blame the UPS guy and its usually not the UPS guys fault ( ie bad addresses, no number on your house, packages that are unlabeled for pickup, ETC ) Your story changes each time you tell it I'm sure there is more to the story that we have yet to hear about. Why don't you call up again and tell them you need a Call tag to send the package back they have UPS print a duplicate. Then you a not where the UPS delivers all you other package make sure the note is BIG enough for him to SEE. You for the package that you didn't want if you didn't open it write refused on it and put it out with the package that needs to be returned. If you opened it your going to have to call the shipper and ask for a call tag.

    Better yet leave the package out monady and maybe it will get picked up?
  15. UPSGUY72

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    Yes you have that option? But it would have said Left at stop instead of NR1.
  16. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    The customer don't pick the shipping company the shipper does we work for the shipper. If the shipper ships UPS only the customer can't as for it to be shipper someother way.

    What do you do for UPS drive frieght becasue you say you don't have anything to do with a operation building. I'm starting to believe that you don't wven work for UPS.
  17. gimmeabreak

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    how is the story changing? u make every excuse for the "Driver" when I am not even blaming the "Driver"

    here is the story in a simple form even u can understand:

    1) called AMAZON
    2) AMAZON issued Call Tag
    3) UPS left me automated message telling me to have package ready for Monday
    4) Package was ready for Monday
    5) Notes left all over the place
    6) Package still not picked up
    7) Emailed AMAZON tonight asking for the "Driver" to come and pick up my package.
  18. Cementups

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    Seriosuly, I'm with GAB on this one. Why is everyone making excuses for the driver that didn't do his job. The only thing I can think is that the driver didn't have the tag with him so he didn't pick up the package for fer of picking up the wrong thing. Other than that there is no acceptable excuse why this wasn't picked up, especially with there being a deliver attempt on the same day. The only other option i can thin is that it was a hellper delivering the package and being unaware of a p/u attempt needed to be made. This then is a failure to communicate between driver and helper.
  19. UPSGUY72

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    I'm not making excuses for the driver he did what he was suppose to do he didn't see the package and sheeted the call tag accordingly.
  20. gimmeabreak

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    and u make no sense at all....don't u think some customers are also shippers?? I worked in the district for 7 years (driving, Accounting, then TSG)...have been in I.T. NJ for the past 16 years.