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    hey guys, I was trying to see if there's anyone from the Victorville hub (SoCal) here. i've been at the ont. hub my entire 12 year tenure, from pt to becomming a route driver. my center's going through a total reloop (due to the low volume according to the suits), and as a result my route is gone, and i'm utility again. I live in hesperia, so the Victorville hub is only about 15 min. from me. I'm contemplating doing a transfer, but i'd hate to lose my seniority (i'm about in the middle of the list). i've been told that it's still the same district, so i won't lose 'building' seniority (for feeder) but center seniority will be gone...and i've heard that victorville's constantly borrowing drivers. i'm just wondering what it's like to drive in the high desert. and if it looks like victorville is expected to grow it might be worth the move *shrug*
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    Welcome to BC relooped.
    Hope you get some answers on your question.
    The mental image I have of "what it's like to drive in the high desert" is Clint Eastwood with the silver-dollar rimmed hat, cigar hanging from his mouth carrying sunshine in a bag listening to Gorillaz. Probably not an accurate reflection.

    Gorillaz - Clint EastWood HD
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    ReLooped I'm utility...AGAIN!?

    haha, well there are lots of dirt roads out here...and man does it get hot during the summer. i think last year it was hitting 110 at around 11ish in the morning. actually during the housing boom some nice shopping centers popped up, but this area has also been hit hard by the bust. plenty of empty abandoned homes. nice ones too that just 30 miles south go for 100k more.
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    Easily one of the top ten best posts of BC 2009 ^^^^^^^^^^^
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    There is one here that I know of from Socal. I believe Ont. UPSLifer. He is in and out on occasion. Good luck.:peaceful:
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    ReLooped, What's it like to drive in the high desert, hot as Hell in the summer and cold as Hell in the winter, but as you've heard before I'm sure, it's a "Dry Heat" Ha Ha!! :sick:
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    victorville looks like a great place to buy real estate real cheap:happy-very:
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    Victorville is great.....when I'm there, it means I'm on my way to Vegas. It's a great rest stop on the I-15....all the major fast foods and Starbucks. After Dale Evans died, they finally tore down the Roy Rogers Museum and put in a car dealer.

    Never buy investment real estate in a place that's just a step to somewhere else.

    No offense to those who live there, I''m just referring to investment real estate, not "where I choose to live" real estate.