Visible Tattoos & Moving Up

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    hello guys I am 19 y/o very hard worker and very in need of a job. I live in Atlanta right by a UPS warehouse and i see an opening for package handler. My main concern is that I have tattoos on my hands (Religious) I know i know young and dumb but they are there nothing i can do about it.. I hear UPS is a great company to move up in I recently took my GED (waiting for results) and would love to grow with this company but would my tattoos screw me over when trying to apply for higher/better positions like Driver etc

    The main reason I am getting my ged is because i wanted to get my cdl license to drive trucks for a family friends company but id rather stay at ups if they don't care about tattoos....just seems like a cool place to work
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    Where in Atlanta are you seeking to apply? if its the Atlanta Hub on Fulton Industrial or the Pleasantdale Hub on Pleasantdale Road you'll have a 10-15 year wait to go fulltime,so tatoos arent a big issue at this moment. You can look anyway you want when you are a part timer. Our HR people seem to love people with tats,piercings,multi coloured hair and /or huge earrings.

    if you are seeking to apply in an extended center the wait to go FT runs about 6-8 years,and in my building we have several drivers with visible tats on their arms,legs and hands and they work every day
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    Tattoos are not a problem when you work on the inside---they may become an issue if you want to drive someday.
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    North Atlanta Roswell Location thanks for you response glad to know there's some folks with tattoos driving
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    These drivers may be grandfathered in as I believe the new policy is no visible tattoos.
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    As with everything enforcement of UPS policy differ from building to building... I have a tattoo of an eagle on my right calf and nothing has been said about it there are also alot of people in my building with tattoo's on there arms....
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    The individuals I was referring to are younger,lower seniority drivers. We had a change in Center Managers this year and he said he had no problems with them,as long as he didnt have any concerns over them. As has been noted, this policy seems to vary at the individual buildings
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    When I went through driving school, a guy was sent home because he had tatoos down both arms. He was told he would have to wear a long sleeve shirt (as he did for the interview and test drive) for the summer. There was a bunch of discussion and he went home.
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    Whenever we have an appearance audit I cover mine with a large band-aid, the rest of the time they don't care. But I'm grandfathered in anyways, if they decide to revisit that issue again. As many have said it really depends on who's running the show at that location. Perhaps this is something to be addressed in the new contract, nowadays tatoos are common among the general public. Why should someone who's paid their dues part-time be DQ'd from a chance to go into driving because of a few tats, last time I checked we were still truckdrivers.
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    4-19-09 TATU 004.jpgas a driver Ive never been challenged!
    4-19-09 TATU 004.jpg
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    It's probably sweat that stuff kinda hurts.
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    I drive in the Roswell building, you'd be welcome with open arms. Management has been made aware of the grandfather rule for tattoos here on drivers. Inside doesn't matter as long as its not obscene or anything. We usually have openings for part timers here all the time as the surrounding area is "well to do" and competing for higher paying fast food jobs. The wait time here is around 8 years or so, maybe less depending on the next contract.
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    I love tattoos. Nothing better then a fad you cant get rid of.
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    You guys can get tats and bake cookies at the same time.
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    Visible Tattoos & Moving Up

    Wow they even make our OMS lady cover her tat that sticks out maybe half an inch when she wears short sleeves.
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    It's cool now but when you get old they will look like ink blotches lol. Have at it.
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    You need a refesher course in "How to Spot Sarcasm".